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The Montgomery, Montgomery County and Washington Area Spark were left-wing tabloids that were published monthly from 1971-73. A successor publication called On The Move published five issues from early 1974 to early 1975.


The name was revived in 2011 when photos from the archives of the newspaper were published on Flickr along with set descriptions that gave context to the events depicted in the images.


Other images of anti-intervention, labor, civil rights, civil liberties and other struggles from the pre-internet era in the greater Washington, DC area have been added to the Flickr site.


This blog site under the same name now occasionally examines historical struggles by working families in the greater Washington, DC area to understand and identify lessons learned that might be applied today. Some articles that appeared in the original newspaper have been republished with additional images.


We are often asked about our photo descriptions. Most research is done through the D.C. Library's pro-quest service that gives access to archives of the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Baltimore Sun and five African American newspapers including the Afro American. Also used are the library's online newspapers such as the old Washington Star and various alternative newspapers. Occasionally, we have to go to microfilm for the old Washington Daily News and Washington Times Herald. Other information is gleaned from books and online sources such as Wikipedia, the Black Past and other sites. Sometimes FBI freedom of information request reports of events are used where news reporting is missing. If you have a question about the source of particular information, please contact us.


If you need to cite the information for a research paper or publication, you may use Craig Simpson, editor as your source and use the date the photo was uploaded (appears on photo page) along with Washington Area Spark Flickr site and the date accessed.


We can be contacted at Washington_area_spark@yahoo.com

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