sleepless hack.

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    zofia_szeretlek says:

    "I once made a jello sculpture of this man and ate it.


    12th February, 2008

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    V von Volkova says:

    "Warren Ellis is a god worth believing in."

    17th January, 2007

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    fiat luxe says:

    "You know, I want to write something positive about Warren, but all I can think of is my marmalade thighs and spider jerusalem's face, and I seem to lose my train of thought. Yea gods, what would we do without men like Warren?"

    30th July, 2006

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    Kristin Brenemen says:

    "Warren is my Sex Rasputin, and can't say no to lovely ladies."

    30th May, 2006

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    Emma_Lloyd says:

    "I'm sure Warren Ellis has immensely creative ways of disposing of hawkers, traders and Jehovah's Witnesses who make the mistake of ringing his doorbell."

    9th May, 2006

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    Alphabet Pants says:

    "Mister Ellis has the sexiest voice ever heard by human ears. That and his pictures are interesting too."

    1st May, 2006

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    Ink Tea says:

    "Warren is a man with his eye on the universe, one who spits back us the most disgusting, strange, perverted, and beautiful images, words, and sounds. He's someone to keep an eye on."

    14th April, 2006

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    jrblackwell says:

    "Warren Ellis is a Genius."

    20th March, 2006

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    hep says:

    "warren is an a+++ asset to the internet, would click horrible links from again."

    29th September, 2005

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    Melinda says:

    "Warren Ellis calls himself a sleepless hack. The truth is he sleeps quite a lot, but sporadically.

    He’s quite aware the world knows he’s menacing and dangerously brilliant.

    And cuddly."

    13th July, 2005

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    xeni says:

    "I worship before his throne, and breathe in sweet internet radiation."

    21st May, 2005

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    leslie powell says:

    "More talented than any of us, so you might as well give up. Right? No! Warren is one of those rare humans that isn't threatened by other talented people; instead he uses his talent to inspire others, and acknowledges talent when he sees it. If you don't know his words, you should go read them. His photos are great, too."

    3rd April, 2005

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    Krowface says:

    "this man has a screamingly wicked sense of humour."

    1st January, 2005

Warren Ellis
February 2004
Southend-On-Sea, Bloody England
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