As a young married man with 2 small children, I worked in the emergency room of a children's hospital in our town. I loved my work, inspite of, or possibly partly because of it's intensity. Photography was my hobby. It gave me needed relaxation and a connection to creativity. I spent time shooting pictures and developing them in my darkroom. Now, developments in technololgy have opened up whole new worlds of possibilities and I enjoy further exploring my creativity with these added dimensions. As I work, I experience a wide range of emotions. I hope some of my photographs will touch you deeply as well.

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    Heniusia says:

    ""Warie is a unique artist. In our modern times of constant rush, neon lights and noise , Warie manages to depict dream and beauty with an incredible power. Each detail of creativity on his image talks. It makes me think of fairy tales and how his imagination can inspire us ...
    Warie embraces a quality of colors that only the best photographers notice . He brings forward happy elements of life , his own visions of the beauty in the nature world , and how we as humans interact with it . His work is mostly creative . His artistic soul seduces with his images.
    Watching his pictures , I feel resourced . I am sure that the person who is catching such beauty has got a rich soul.

    Warie, your pictures are so precious and I am graceful to have met you here and have the privilege to enjoy your Art .
    I like very much your work and observations . I am always excited what will come next of your excellent pictures . You are a photographer with a poets soul...
    Warie, keep going on with your style, make us curious and happy, let us experience the world in a new and poetic way." !
    Hugs from Belgium, Heni"

    May 21st, 2010

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    christabel's artworks says:

    "Warie is one of a very special, elite group of artistic and creative geniuses. His scintillating art works convey his love of life and nature, its sublime subtleties and its majestic beauty. They make the spirit soar. Every image is a unique delight, a breathtaking joy to behold. We are fortunate to have such an imaginative and masterful artist in FlickrWorld! :-)"

    January 26th, 2008

Warren Kasow
May 2007
Brooklyn, New York
Eugene, OR, United States
I am:
Male and Taken
Registered Nurse-Counselor
warrenkasow [at]