I am a professional freelance photographer and photo retoucher, specializing in flattering studio and outdoor photography with an emphasis in beauty and glamour work. I love photographing people and making them look fantastic.


My studio is happy to work with new and inexperienced models, male and female, to help them build a professional quality portfolio, providing a safe and relaxing environment with excellent direction, explanation, and visual feedback during shoots.


The studio shows in events several times a year, taking on unique modeling projects. We have introduced a good number of faces to modeling careers.


My work has been featured in calendars, presentations, educational materials, commercial web sites, stock art, tour guides, book covers, and even news coverage in the business section of the Washington Post.


This photostream represents random samplings of my playing behind a camera or iPhone, retouching collaborations and tutorials, and a small sampling of actual portfolio pieces. In other words, the chronological view of this stream won't make coherent sense. Instead, please use the groups, sets, and collections to browse. I'd love your comments and feedback, and I always try to return mail.

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  • JoinedMay 2007
  • OccupationFreelance Photographer
  • HometownAshburn, VA
  • Current cityAshburn
  • CountryUS
  • Emailwls@wwco.com
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Walt is remarkable, talented, gifted and an endless stream of ecclectic interests. I'm honored to have him in my life.

May 4, 2008