We are producing new machinery:

1) Forming machines for protein, cereal, granola, musli or seeds mixes and masses - series MMC;
2) Forming machines for sticky masses - such as fruit pastes, marzipan, honey-based masses - series RFM;
3) Chocolate moulding, includes one-shot;
4) Jelly moulding;
5) Enrobers with any working width;
6) Cooling tunnels any working width, includes elevator type;
7) Heating tunnels any working width;
8) Decorators any working width;
9) Transporters, includes turning for 90 and 180 degrees;
10) Feeders for wrapping machines;
11) Mixers, includes with double jacket;
12) Extruders - for praline, chewing gum and etc.;
13) Ultrasonic cutters;

And other machinery by order.

Also we are buying and selling second hand confectionery machinery - for chocolate, wafers, hard candies, chewing gum, cookies, toffee; wrapping machines - single twist, double twist, vienna pack, fold wrap styles.

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