Photography is about the moment – a single moment captured and taken out of time. A photograph gives a person the chance to examine that moment as though it never ended – to look at details missed and to perhaps look at the subject in a different way. As a photographer, I always feel I have succeeded in my art when I hear a comment such as, “I’ve seen that place or thing a thousand times, but I’ve never looked at it quite like that before.”

I am a native of the Puget Sound area and, other than a brief time in Montana; I have lived here all my life. I grew up in the Kent area and now I now reside in Seattle. I first became interested in photography in high school. My love of the still image grew into a love with the moving image and I soon found myself at Montana State University studying motion picture production. After college I pursued film and video production, but at the same time I found my thoughts wandering back towards the still image. While I still enjoy the moving image, I have been focusing primarily on photography for the past several years.

I have a great love for nature and all that stuff that is beyond your front door. I am a hiker, backpacker, traveler and sailor. It is very important to me for those loves to show through in my photography. As an artist, I feel that a connection must be made with the subject matter. That is often what makes the difference between a good image and a great image. If there isn’t a little bit of who I am in there, then the image is missing a critical element.

I thank you for taking the time to appreciate my art and all the moments I have managed to capture and save for you to enjoy. I hope that perhaps you’ve been to some of these places or seen some of these things and that perhaps you are seeing them differently through my images.


So, you're probably asking about this other branch of my work (the images with the faceless spandex-clad fellow) that you're going to start seeing more of around here...

My biggest inspiration for these images is the work of Edward Weston - particularly his series of nudes and peppers. I've always loved how the two series blend together at times in a pure artistic exploration of form.

This work is my take on that exploration of human form with the added element of the anonymity that spandex and zentai creates. There is, of course, a certain sensual and even sexual aspect of the work, but truly my main focus is the exploration of the human form.

Now then, I feel that I should put a couple of things on the table -

First, for those that have wondered, I am straight. I do, however have a rather open mind and, I must admit, I do find some of the comments that have been left quite flattering. I'm certainly not above that.

And second, I'm always interested in discussion of my art, technique, where I got the suits and nearly anything else, but please don't ask me for my contact information and name in the hopes of hooking up in some fashion. Again, I certainly am flattered, but this whole thing is more about artistic expression and exploration than anything else.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to more of your comments and I can't wait to share more of these ideas that are rolling around in my head with you!

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    Tatjanna of T.M Photography says:

    "Walk about wolfs photography amazed and inspired me from the get go.
    He can take the simplest things and breathe a fresh new life into them!
    Walk about wolf is a talented, wonderful photographer!"

    April 4th, 2008

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