Discovered pole dancing at the Seventh Veil in Hollywood, I
embarked on a illustrious career as a world famous supermodel in Nice, France (that's in europe). Known to my adoring public as Wanda Wakacheeka, I found the high profile, demanding rigors of European catwalking too much to take. Sinking into a life of drugs and debauchery, I found myself in Japan working for the many top gentlemen's magazines. Hey I'm big in Japan. After my breakdown, I moved to the San Fernando Valley, where I am now one of the leading actresses in the world of fine adult entertainment. I am currently staring in "Bitanic: everybody goes down". This is bound to win many awards. I'm excited. My more recent hits include "The Adventures of Wanda Wakacheeka", and "Star Whores: The Phallic Menace". I am into Kid Rock, fine wine, enjoy the company of couples and Jesus. One day I hope to be a vetranarian because I love children.

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houry s
April 2007
i don't do that