I purchased my first real camera ever in June 2012 - a Nikon D3200, with the kit 18-55 and a bundled 55-300. I quickly discovered that wildlife is my raison d'être, and over the years progressed to more extravagant gear in pursuit of better photos of animals - through the D5200, D7100, to the D500, and correspondingly fancier telephoto (and macro) lenses.


Photography has been & remains purely a hobby. It combines well with my like for the outdoors, nature, and hiking in particular.


I enjoy seeking out & photographing animals more than I enjoy curating & post-processing images… thus I already have a backlog of images that will take me a lifetime (and then some) to go through. What I post to Flickr is whatever small subset I happen to decide to go through, sporadically. My goal in 2018, however, is to post at least one photo a day - and as of May at least, that's something I've succeeded with, which feels good.


Thoughtful comments, constructive critique, new followers, and other displays of appreciation are major drivers for me to share more photos.

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