Nature Photographer [photomicrography and videomicrography]. For image licenses, please contact me at my Email address shown on this page.

I am a microbiologist and microbial geneticist by training and profession, but my research now involves study of microbial communities in the San Francisco Bay salt marsh and other extreme environments.

I am part of the Hidden Ecologies project. My component of this project involves studying salt marsh microbial communities and their organization, photomicrography, and videomicrography. Click HERE and select the Category "Field Microscopy" to view my posts.

I have a permit from the Department of the Interior for collection and study in the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, where I also give Lecture Hikes with a field microscope. For my current schedule, click HERE, select for the appropriate "Winter", "Spring", "Summer", or "Fall" issue and turn to the Activities Schedule near the end of the newsletter [about page 10].

My recent publications include:

C. Benton, and W. Lanier [2009] Out at the Weep - A Curious Search for Life in a Ditch. Bay Nature;


W. Lanier [2010] Salt Marsh Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain. Tideline.

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Wayne Lanier
June 2005
Rural farm in Texas
Walnut Creek, CA, USA
I am:
Male and Single
Scientist and Nature Photographer
Hidden Ecologies