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Not alot to say really. Found Flickr back in 2005 and got into taking alot more photos because of it.

My photostream is mix between family album and a sort of portfolio, i tend to upload alot (probably far too much actually!) so the best way to find my "best" shots is to have a look at my sets or collections.

or View my DNA at =)

I currently don't use p/s (mainly because i'm too lazy and i've yet to find the time to learn it!).
The shots posted are generally only given a little tweak in picasa.

the old gnarled tree mini me's about to be popped... swoosh attack split in two
To make things easy you can find all my photos on flickr under the tag "vvt" =)

Here are my shots currently in
"Explore" .
or my most interesting (?!) on black.

If you have a spare 5 minutes i urge you too have a look at my flickr favourites slideshow
YOU lot are amazing and very inspiring.

~~~ note ~ If you do add me as a contact - Thankyou!
However please don't be offended if i don't add you back,as i struggle to keep up with my present contacts as it is! However i will try to look at your photos when and if i have a chance to do so. ~~~

****** I also dislike groups with over zeaulous html icons, you can invite me but i won't join and if i'm feeling harsh i will also delete your comment unless you have actual WORDS to say. Flickr is much better when giving out written interaction not some dodgy heart/star or some other crap icon******

Thanks for visiting =)

Oh all photos (c) vvt - If you wish to use or blog any image, please contact me first. Ta.

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  • Robin & Dylan @ Eastern Haze, Suffolk by timparkinson
  • vvt @ Gorleston, Norfolk by timparkinson
  • bubbles by munkt0n

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    Hindolbittern says:

    "Gorleston will be famous because VVT lives there.

    I have long held that Robin's one of the best natural talents on Flickr. He has a brilliant compositional ability, and trying to get inside his eye for a photo has improved mine. He is one of the few photographers (on and off Flickr) who have such a distinct personal style that his photos are recognisable as his - and not just the SPs and bubbles.

    Even when he was using equipment that would have held others back (and his photos are pretty "technical"), his work was way better than most people could pull off with a far more expensive camera. Mind you, even if he didn't think so at the time, it was a very good day when that little Fuji fell off the car seat and eventually led to a DSLR.

    He's very good. I don't know if he knows how good.

    Take him seriously."

    October 27th, 2007

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    talented thing says:

    "The reason for me getting into taking photos of bubbles, and a great photographer. Robin has an excellent eye for colours & form, he's often the inspiration for my shots.
    You of course have to check out his bubble set, jump sets, reflections & shadows...all stunning work.
    I'm glad to know Rodin, a photographer with a talent, and a top bloke =D"

    January 18th, 2007

  • view profile a chimp with coconuts says:

    "vvt seems like he'd be a good laugh down in a pub. At the very least go check out his leaping/jumping/hopping sets - clear evidence that the sugar intake in his family must be reduced.

    A great photostream that will leave you with a smile on your face."

    February 27th, 2006

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    EnKayTee says:

    "vvt is a fine photographer (but seems to have a bit of a fascination with a particular tree...!) always ready with an encouraging comment he's one of the people on flickr that make this place special...!"

    October 14th, 2005

March 2005
Gorleston, Norfolk, U.K
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