What started as a side-project, photographing my urban exploration trips has taken on a life of its own. I think I've hit a middle ground, where I've become a picture-taking tourist in my own city, although not of everyday touristy things. Not quite street-photography, I describe my pictures as being city-detail oriented. The term 'urban fragment' more than often suits my pictures just fine.

My other goal is to visit places in NYC's 5 boroughs where people rarely venture, and bring back pictures seldom seen by anyone except the locals. If a non-native New Yorker looks at one of my shots and says "That's in NYC!?!", I've succeeded at this task. If a local person can do the same and say "Where the heck is that!?!", I also get a warm fuzzy feeling.

This picture-taking thing is just a hobby; I have a 50-hour workweek, and most often barely have the time to change the battery in my camera before running out the door and squeezing in another photoshoot.

I'm currently using a Nikon D610, although older pictures (and occasional hard-to-get new ones) are from my Nikon D300, D70s or p&s Nikon 4300. Hell, there are some iPhone pics and other mediums here as well.

For more (stuff which isn't quite Flickr-worthy ... mostly my cat, but plenty of other city/UE stuff), check my Instagram (I use regularly) and Twitter (I use once a year): @tizzimah

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    dbjules says:

    "The outstanding quality of Pro-Zak's photography constantly amazes and astounds. The incredible variety of his work alone is enough to keep viewers hungering for more; add to that the talent-rich processing, his eye for a shot and his ability to share his artistic vision and you have nothing less than photographic genius.
    'Zak's passion for this art encompasses everyone with whom he interacts. His deep-seated passion for sharing technique, photo-worthy subjects, and to encourage growth among his cohorts makes him a highly sought-after photographic companion. Constantly seeking to push this art into new realms, he thirsts for new and unique challenges. Keep it coming, Pro-Zak!"

    November 11th, 2009

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    average touch says:

    "In my opinion, the name Timothy (just call me Pro-Zac) Vogel will soon, if not already, be associated with the names of other legends of urban photography. His work is art presented in a compelling and seducing manner that documents the contemporary urban scene with creative grittiness and unrelenting talent that I am sure will inspire many future generations of urban photographers.
    Tim's photo-stream will take the viewer into places that go unseen by most New Yorkers! - luckily for all of us, the urban jungle is no match for the determination and drive that this fearless photographer abundantly possesses - that is why you will find his view of life around him as being kinetic, dynamic, poetic, dramatic and, at all times, truly inspiring!!!"

    July 27th, 2008

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    Soupflower says:

    "Pro-Zak, the king of Queens. No location where he hasn't been in the NYC area. He really has the ability of finding the most out of the way and secluded locations and captures them with so much enthusiasm that you can simply feel it by looking at his pictures. Can't wait to go back to NYC to go on another Urbex trip. Cheers, Soup."

    October 30th, 2007

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    boundless year says:

    "Pro-Zak is almost an activist when it comes to photography, in the sense that he actively searches out new neighborhoods on a regular basis, usually having an idea of what he'll find, but always finding something new. It could be gritty, it could be architectural - - but it's usually great urban photography.

    He does not have a cat, and so, no cat shots. I have yet to see a bee in a flower in his stream, either. Nor babies. Those last three are pretty high up on my list of qualifications for a Flickr contact."

    August 2nd, 2007

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    Sven Bosman says:

    "As a great industrial / urban / port lover its no surprise that i check Pro-Zak's stream every day!
    Simply great shots with an eye for details....
    The NYC industrial region is very simular with old western Europe cities where i like to shoot.
    Keep up the good work!"

    July 19th, 2006

Timothy Vogel
September 2005
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Queens, NY
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