Vladimir Delic is founder and CEO of Unibros Steel Co. Ltd. He has over 40 years experience in international trade in private and public sector. He specialized in commodity trading. In particular, bulk commodities and energy resources. With the fall of the USSR in 1988, Vladimir Delic recognized a great opportunity to enter the Russian steel market. At the time, Russian steel was inaccessible to the rest of the world. This was due to lack of proper management, organization, financing and materials. Solving these setbacks posed a creative challenge for Vladimir. In 1988, he found a trading and shipping company, Unibros Steel Co.Ltd. in Limassol, Cyprus.


Soon Unibros Steel became the most prominent player in the region, and throughout the countries if the former USSR. The company grew as an international business network. It set up offices around the world to trade in steel, bulk commodities, and a variety of energy-related products, including oil and gas. From its earliest involvement with the CIS steel producers, the Unibros group had demonstrated success. It employed its understanding of the regional conditions as a means of securing trust. It applied indigenous business practices in order to foster integrity in business partnerships.


By 1995, Unibros turned into one of the largest international metal trading houses in the Commonwealth of Independent States. It had 37 offices worldwide. Its annual turnover of half a billion dollars.


Following his phenomenal success, Vladimir Delic was invited by American politicians to give several speeches to the United States business community. The subject was "entering the CIS emerging market". He visited and spoke at large American corporations such as Motorola, Westinghouse, British American Tobacco, and Babcock.


Due to his experience and international connections, Mr. Delic was given the role of special advisor to a number of Balkan countries. Vladimir Delic successfully attracted foreign investment to the region. He represented several international companies in such investments - including US Steel, Philip Morris, Otis, EnBV, Porr and Novomatic. He also played an integral part in establishing private Canadian financing for the development of what is now the largest Marina in the Mediterranean area, Porto Montenegro.


Vladimir Delic is currently a Member of the Board for several oil, steel, and shipping companies, with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Singapore and Cyprus.

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  • JoinedDecember 2018
  • OccupationBusinessman
  • HometownBelgrade, Serbia
  • Current cityLimassol
  • CountryCyprus


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