This page is my expression about various Sudanese tribes,real life in Sudan and historical places and real life in Czech republic.

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At the beginning I would like to say: I love adrenalin (I even prefer it to sex! :). I like travelling and I quest for experience connected with adrenalin... It s not an exception when I climb the top of pyramid in Northern Sudan; survive strong sand storm and when I manage to descend, I find shelter in one of shrines where I wait for the end of the worst. At the other side of Sudan, which is as big as one quarter of Europe, I faced, for change, an enraged bull (who evidently disliked my red T-shirt... :) and it was just a miracle that I ended up with mere bumped feet. I was also "lucky" to get to know for several days the local jail (from inside) at the East of Sudan as well as at the Christian South of Sudan where, due to my photo hobby, I was blamed from espionage. Probably, as an expression of their "hospitality" they wanted to get my confession by cutting me into halves or hammering in with nails... :) I also like to travel at night, 25kms in desert and then to go 8hrs to and fro on camel just to shoot the shrines in Northern Sudan. In short, I travelled that country in a crisscross style and just not to waffle I would like to share my experience with you at this page or through the links to my published articles in National Geographic which you find below.

Takže pro začátek: Miluju adrenalin, (dokonce ho mám radši než sex.:) Velice rád cestuji a doslova vyhledávám zážitky s adrenalinem spojené... Není u mě výjimkou, že jsem se vylezlý na vrcholu pyramidy v severním Sudánu střetl se silnou písečnou bouří a poté, co jsem konečně slezl dolů se mi podařilo schovat se v jedné ze svatyní, kde jsem přečkal to nejhorší.. Na opačném konci této země, která je velká jako čtvrtina Evropy se na mě pro změnu rozběhl rozzuřený býk, (jelikož se mu zřejmě nelíbilo moje červené tričko..:) a opravdovým zázrakem jsem skončil pouze s naraženým chodidlem.Také jsem měl tu "čest" poznat na pár dnů zevnitř vězení na východě této země a také na křestanském Jihu, kde jsem byl kvůli své zálibě ve fotografování obviněn ze špionství a na důkaz místního pohostinství mi bylo vyhrožováno, že pokud se nepřiznám, tak mě budou štípat či do mě zatlučou hřebíky..:) Výjimkou u mě není ani noční cesta 25 kilometrů pouští a následná osmihodinová jízda tam a zpět strávená na hřbetu velblouda,když jsem fotil svatyně v Severním Sudánu.Tuto zemi jsem zkrátka prolezl křížem krážem a abych jen netlachal, tak bych se o své zážitky s Vámi velice rád podělil na těchto stránkách nebo na odkazech na mé publikované články v časopise National-Geographic, které najdete o něco níže..

My old photo web.:
-Sleeping shadows--Sunset-
-Girl from Jebel Barkal-
-The window-
-Two in one--Fisherman-
-The Horns--United power-
-Glasses--Desert rose--Old woman-Old man from a Hadandawa tribe...Woman from a Messiryia tribePure beauty...
~Smile of tea girl~Smoking man from a Denka tribe-Ali-Woman from a Umm Bororo tribe...Ethiopian girl...-Rashaida-

-Self portrait-

Thank you for your visit. Vit Hassan
Děkuji za Vaší návštěvu. Vít Hassan

Vít Hassan

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    myjuditz ( on Hubble ) says:

    "Vit is the most impressive character I've met on Fickr !
    I can feel it from his photography, addressed to the people, the heart and soul - he could be a journalist, a humanist, a warrior, a philosoph.
    His photography is a journey into a very little known culture, a culture of dignity and wisdom.
    We are lucky to have him among us...he brought us a little bit of his paradise...and his heart."

    October 3rd, 2006

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    Heaven`s Gate (John) says:

    "I discovered Vit`s superb portraits of the people of the Sudan soon after I joined Flickr, and I have come to enjoy the quality of his photographs even more over the past few months.
    It is a remarkable collection of stunning portraits , that, together with the detailed descriptions , helpsr people around the World to understand the common bonds that we all have even though we all live very different lives."

    August 27th, 2006

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    cochiseintheeast says:

    "Vit is the man. Not only do his photographs speak for themselves, he is working in a very challenging area. He gets photos where others do not. His body of work is one of the most interesting collections of photography on the Sudan."

    August 1st, 2006

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    wanderingnome says:

    "Vit continues to share his view of his world in the beautiful photographs of the people of his country. I have hope that peace will come to all parts of the world if we can all view each other with the same humanity that Vit shows in his portraits."

    July 13th, 2006

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    Zenith Phuong says:

    "i want to say a lot about Vit but somehow, i couldnt because the others have said it the best...

    Vit's stream is just wonderful...

    i never get bored with his works, with the people he met and took photos of. each portrait is different but super interesting.

    above all, i admire his interaction with people. i myself found it extremely difficult to ask strangers to take several shots of them. But VIT did it with ease. bow down...

    in short, he is such a master of portraiture..."

    June 20th, 2006

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    jasperroz says:

    "Vit is a great photographer. Any one who takes one look at his stream, knows this. He is also a great Flickr friend. He is a loyal and friendly contact. He has shown me the most amazing images, and taken me to wonderful places. I so look forward to each and every new photo he posts. It is a privilege to see his work and I am honored that he takes the time to look at mine. It would be so cool to meet him some day. :~)
    Thanks Vit. Keep em coming."

    April 27th, 2006

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    alias65 says:

    "I don't know if I will never come and visit Sudan but through yours photos it is like to be already there.
    thank you, Vit!"

    March 29th, 2006

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    babasteve says:

    "I love the spontaneity of Vit's work. He takes the everyday people, events, and things of the world around him and turns them into invitations for us to enter his world. Thank you for introducing these people and places in such a wonderful way!"

    March 24th, 2006

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    The Challenge says:

    "Check "The Challenge" blog to read my testimonial about Vit and his photography.

    March 13th, 2006

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    John Goldsmith says:

    "Vit Hassan's photographs offer a glimpse of life that many Westerners are unfamiliar with. His portraitures of people and life show great respect, warmth and dignity. Today I shared many of his photos with my friend. We both enjoyed our brief tour of the gorgeous and diverse groups of Sudanese that we saw. Keep up the great work, Vit! I will be back often."

    March 7th, 2006

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    bLooPhynix says:

    "I deeply appreciate Vit's work, that is, taking us on a priceless journey through Sudan, a land I do not know when I will set my foot on. Thank you so much Vit, for "bringing" my fellow Muslim brothers to me."

    March 6th, 2006

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    Simon Crubellier says:

    "Vit Hassan takes me to places I will probably never see with my own eyes and shows me marvellous things."

    February 21st, 2006

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    David Haberlah says:

    "Vit Hassan is for sure the boldest and daring photographer in Sudan. His existance as a Czech-Sudanese Christian-Muslim is theoretically impossible but he is the man to defy any constraints.

    Make sure you employ him on any expedition in Africa's biggest country, but before that ask him what "the sun is shining" is standing for ;-)"

    November 28th, 2005

August 2005
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