I'm a retired primary school teacher. Photography is just one of my hobbies. We travel a lot and I always have my cameras on hand.

I started playing around with photography at a young age using a Brownie Instamatic. I've been hooked on photography ever since. Since then I've come a long way and it's been a wonderful journey of learning. I have used a Canon AE1, now a Minolta Maxim si 35mm, a Pentax Optio digital and a Nikon D300 is my latest acquisition. And as I read in someone else's profile, my head is definitely in the manual.

I love lots of things, family, being with friends, great food, great wine, baking, shopping, especially for shoes (heh,I'm female), travelling, gardening, being by the water and nature, especially flowers, photography.

With Flickr the journey with my camera has become even more exciting. I've discovered macro work and am constantly learning to improve with the help of all my Flickr friends. My favourite is floral macro and I must confess I'm addicted to it.

Some of my sets are of places I've visited and I'd love you to join me on my travels and see some of the world through my photos.

Please feel free to browse through my photos and offer constructive criticism. This is how I can learn and improve.

If you favourite my images and you have no name, profile or photos of your own, it raises my suspicions and I will block you. Many Flickr members have their photos stolen or used without permission. If you aren't interested in participating in Flickr, then don't collect my photos in your favourites.
Also I have many contacts - I try to leave comments as often as I can, but please don't be offended if I happen to miss you.It is certainly not meant to be intentional.

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Testimonials (3)

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    CharlieBrown8989 says:


    I don't know her in person.

    But I do know that she is a digital imaging artist with a loving kindness to the communities in www.flickr.com & on the net.

    On her qualities of her master pieces is concern , I can testified to say that she is just magic!!

    Please visit her more often, you would discover more.......

    Mary, you are great ......"

    September 29th, 2006

  • view profile

    Tommy Simms says:

    "Mary is a master of the floral macro. Without exception her macros are always beautifully composed, well thought out, with a unique perspective and perfect lighting. They continue to be an inspiration to me in my photography as I have found myself thinking of her photos on many occasions while shooting my own. Her love for flowers and photography shows in every one of her photos.

    I also love her travel photos...if you have read this far I encourage you to look through her photostream and take a journey from Alaska to the Caribbean, from San Diego to Toronto and all places in between, you will not be disappointed!

    I have found Mary to be a wonderful person since meeting her here on flickr, always quick to leave honest feedback and thoughtful comments. She is a kind person and involved as an Admin/Co-Admin of several groups. (How do you do it?) Perhaps someday we shall meet in person and take a photo stroll together. I look forward to it my friend...

    Warmest regards,

    July 24th, 2006

  • view profile

    Chrisser says:

    "Mary is not only excellent in her photography, but also excellent in the admin duties for all the groups she does have admin duties in, including Flower Factory where she has selected some of my photos as Admin Faves. Some of my photos have also been added to her Favorites. Even when she or one of the other Flower Factory admins including head admin Steve has to remove photos from the Flower Factory pool when they don't match the current theme, that is also classed as excellent work. I have even posted some of her photos to my Favorites and as Admin Faves in Flower Close-Ups and Flower Photography."

    July 4th, 2006

February 2005
Toronto, Canada
I am:
Female and Taken
Retired School Teacher, Enjoying Life After Teaching