appreciate everyone who visited to my photostream.
thank you for left the lovely comment/s to my pic/s.
feel happiness when you added my pic/s to your "Favorites"

I beg your pardon for my capricious and slow response.......(apologize to you really!)


View my DNA at bighugelabs.com

- for folks who'd like to share my pic/s -

first of all, most important thing is that.......


thank you.
and sorry for sensible and polite person who have common sense...., however, i'm disgusted at the insensitive person who have no common sense.


..........ummmm, glad share my pic/s with you.
i hope you contact me before you using my pic/s for your own site/blog. however, it might be feel impatient that you wait for my reply.
OK, you are free to share my pic/s to link/upload your blog or any BBS/site when you under the following conditions:
No Reuse : do not reuse/upload my pic/s as your own.
when you forgot to do credit of my name to my pic/s, it's same as you treat my pic/s as your own pic/s.
(plz note) plz do not re-upload to your blog/BBS my pic/s which you downloaded.
Attribution : plz do not forget to do my name in credit.
*for any link, upload(reuse), plz make clear to others the licence terms of my pic/s. (it's OK only to link with this page. )

Link for.....
blog/BBS : when you'd like to use my pic/s for your blog/any BBS, you have to link flickr URL.
(note) click the mark "BLOG THIS” in the upper part in the photo, and obey instructions.

non-blog/BBS site: plz do link with the page of source. (ex: www.flickr.com/photos/vinka/xxx-pertinent number/ )
Contact : plz be sure to contact me.
it's OK. you write in comment to the pic as like this
"this pic linked/used here >> your URL"
*plz write in the comment on the above-mentioned at once after completing link/upload when you do not contact me beforehand.
don't you have a flickr account though you have a my space account? OK, you're able to use "send message" on my space for contact to me. this is my my space URL : www.myspace.com/vinkawithfrog ....... however, i hardly access my space, except when the message's received!!!!

Noncommercial : plz do not use my pic/s for commercial purposes.
No Distribute : plz do not distribute my pic/s. it is only link/upload your blog or any BBS/site that i permit to you.
No Derivative Works : Do not alter, transform, or rebuild my pics.
plz do not modify/reproduced (drastic trimming (10% or more and drastic change of ratio of length and height), alter, transform, build upon, or add some texts on the pic/s, etc) my pic/s.

plz feel free to e-mail or flicker-mail me if you have more any questions.

all pics that i uploaded to www are
all rights reserved : vinka / kairu
photography : vinka / kairu

thank you.



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    issawhassahaffa says:

    "How she does such wonderful photography at concerts, I do not know (but I want to!) She has reinspired me to take my camera with, no matter the hassle.

    She is one talented lady!

    Keep on shooting.

    Adrianne Leigh"

    December 31st, 2005

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November 2005
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