A top relationship-coaching firm, Vin DiCarlo, Inc., advises men on successfully pursuing the opposite sex. Foremost in Vin DiCarlo, Inc.'s program is Pandora’s Box, which is a novel system of psychologically based romantic tips for men. Pandora’s Box, or “A Man’s Guide to the Female Mind,” is the culmination of the DiCarlo quest to aggregate sociological data on the science of attracting women into one workable program. The CEO and founding member of the company is Vin DiCarlo.

Pandora’s Box is the crown jewel in DiCarlo Coaching's flotilla of self-help regimens. The program teaches men with low self-esteem a series of questions that allows them to interact with prospective dating partners in a more confident fashion. Pandora’s Box also boosts male determination using mental benchmarks Vin DiCarlo, Inc., verified with top Harvard doctors and other social scientists in the public and private sectors, including those working with the military, Yale, and Bank of America.

In addition to Pandora’s Box, DiCarlo has developed several other self-help procedures for its customers. Among them are the Attraction Code, S-Cubed Sexual Selection Switch, and Relationship Rewind. With the Attraction Code, DiCarlo has revolutionized a system to give men insights into what women are thinking. The program improves communication and cements mutual attraction among consenting individuals. In the S-Cubed program, the company has engineered tactics to make women initiate romantic encounters, which can alleviate self-doubt in men who lack assurance. Vin DiCarlo, Inc., has also patented a way to rekindle passion with former lovers with the Relationship Rewind method.

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