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Under Creative Commons Licence, you may freely use any of my photographs, however you must credit the work to: CC Vince Alongi/ and provide a link back to the original Flickr photo page. I have software that can trace my photographs and I will expose any violation of these conditions in addition to any other legal action I may see fit.

To my fellow photographers, friends and contacts:

Due to increased workload, my time on Flickr has been reduced to no more than an hour per week which I use to do some site maintainance and maybe upload a picture or two. With any luck, during that time I may also get to enjoy some of your wonderful photographs but I know that I'm missing out on a whole lot of them. That is unfortunate because I really like to learn from everyone's pics. Anyway, I'll keep trying, and thank you for your continued support.

I joined Filckr to learn from everyone's work and from the feedback I would get on mine. There are many talented photographers on Flickr. Their work as well as their comments inspire me to take better pictures.

Thank you for viewing my photostream, I appreciate all your comments and invitations. I may not respond to each comment but I make it a point to try and visit each photostream. I would also encourage you to view my collection of photos from other Flickr members in My Favorites (these are photos I wish I had taken.)

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Photos of Vince Alongi (9)

  • Boundary Bay Customs by Vince Alongi
  • "Noisy kids" by Vince Alongi
  • Self-portrait: 1976 by Vince Alongi
  • Me by Vince Alongi
  • Self portrait by Vince Alongi
  • Proud grandparents by Vince Alongi
  • El Señor Embajador junto a Vince y amigos by ceciliamuy
  • Bonfiglio by U.S. Embassy Montevideo
  • Our Halloween Spirit by U.S. Embassy Montevideo

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Testimonials (5)

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    yoon................ says:

    "mr Vince Alongi
    For a long time
    good Friend
    ...※ ┎iiii┑ ※
    ┏"★♡ ♡ ★"┓

    July 24th, 2012

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    Monica Alongi says:

    "Some of you may know that Vince is my father. I am very proud of his beautiful work. He has been taking pictures for as long as I remember. Now that I'm older I have the bug in me and hope to be as good of a photographer as he is. He doesn't realize that he is that good and modestly tells me that he is just learning too. Dad, your work is an inspiration to me & I hope I have opportunities to shoot with you!! ♥♥ Love, Monica"

    November 15th, 2008

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    Alberto Marín says:

    "Any photo of Vince is an impressive quality: portraits, macro, landscape...
    In addition, he becomes someone special for having written my first testimony :-D"

    June 1st, 2008

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    marcelo ds says:

    "Not only is Vince an amazing photographer but also a true gentleman . Vince has given me great inspiration and support in my search to become a better photogarapher .

    In Vince's stream you will find an amazing array of photos with a scence of tradition , honesty and a modern twist .
    His ability to portray subject matter in such a delicate and beautiful way makes one realise , how talented this man really is ."

    June 9th, 2007

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    dasar says:

    "Hi Vince,
    I'm writing soon after reading the story you published as your profile.
    I liked it very much: it is one of the best (and very real) synthesis of a life devoted to a passion.
    And your photos perfectly resemble your love for photography.
    One more thing, I wonder how it happened to you to move from Canada to Uruguay. It could be another good story to serve to us.
    Well... looking at the beaches, everyday life and carnival pictures ... I got an idea about that. :-)
    All the best.

    PS. Good advice. I am taking my camera with me. You never know."

    April 13th, 2007

Vince Alongi
September 2006
Delta, B.C., Canada
alongidv [at]