The Villa is an historical building and its facade has been designed by the senese Baldassarre Peruzzi, one of the most famous architects of the Italian Renaissance. It dates back to 1500 when it was the countryside mansion of one of the most prestigious families in Siena, the Malavolti. It has changed ownership many times through the years and, like many other villas and castles around Siena, there are many legends and medieval stories linked to it.

Around Villa Armena, which is beautifully placed on top a hill, you can find one of the most fascinating part of Tuscany, the famous “Crete Senesi” with its hills geometrically divided by the typical local cultivations such as olive trees and vineyards; hills which are full of villas, cute little hamlets and very old monasteries such as the famous “Abbazia di Monte Oliveto Maggiore” which you can clearly see from Villa Armena’s park. Only few kilometers away from Villa Armena is the world famous village of Montalcino known for its magnificent Brunello wine and also to be the door to the Val d’Orcia, a land of historical villages such as Pienza and Montepulciano but also very important for its superb thermal baths. Getting to Siena will take about twenty minutes by car using the thousand-year old “Cassia” road which was built by the old Romans; the Cassia will then lead you into a two kilometers long breathtaking dirt road surrounded by cypresses and centenary maritime pines. This road ends right in front of Villa Armena’s main gate. Villa Armena is built of red bricks and it has three floors for a total surface of 1.200 square meters; it still features original celilings made of wooden beams and bricks, and the vast majority of its original floor made of Tuscan “Mezzane”.

Some of the most prestigious peculiarities of the Villa are its fabulous park and the very romantic “Italian Garden” which is located in front of the Villa. The garden is the creation of a senese botany professor, who also happened to be a very famous alchemist of his times, who lived in the first part of the 1800 and who revamped the garden using some ideas from the original project of Baldassarre Peruzzi.

Downhill from the the garden a marvellous oak forest begins.It expands over roughly two hectares of land which also belong to Villa Armena. The Northern side of the garden is also protected by a wall of five rows of two hundred years old cypresses over which you can see, far away, the unmistakable towers of Siena. The garden and the park are listed by the “Archivio Italiano dell’Arte dei Giardini” (


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