Lotus Dental Travel is the number one dental tourism facilitator in Vietnam. We connect international patients with an exclusive network of highly qualified dentists in 4 largest cities of Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang and Nha Trang.

As your medical travel facilitator, we represent you during your treatment journey. We fully take care of you and your accompany during your trip, arrange your transportation, accommodation, relaxation, travel support, case management or any other aspects of your trip so that the dentists can focus on fulfilling your dental treatment plan and assuring your well being during the whole treatment session. We create customized dental vacation packages, help you prepare for your trip, explain to you in detail every step of your journey and after you come back home, we keep track on your After-care program.

One of our advantages is that our company is located in Vietnam, which gives us access to the network of the highest quality clinics and travel service providers with the most cost-effective services. We understand your needs and requirements during your trip and have created partnerships with the best service providers to assist you at any time, with any problem during your dental vacation.

With our service, you can enjoy your well organized, well insured dental vacation in a Vietnam beautiful travel paradise.

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