Producer + Director - VIDANO Films.

The key for me is simply to create emotionally compelling films that move people. Whether it's commercials or features, it's all about storytelling. Stunning cinematic visuals and memorable characters are what touch me and keep drawing me back over and over again.

War-torn Beirut, Lebanon was home for Stephen for the first 13 years of his life. After being evacuated Stephen attended different boarding schools in Cyprus and Germany before moving to Seattle, WA. where he earned a BA in Communication at Seattle Pacific University. After graduating, Stephen started his film career in post-production at Seattle Post & Production.

"Seattle Post is where I got the bug to direct. I think I was always a little disappointed with the material I was editing. I wanted it to be more dynamic, more beautiful...more, more, more. So, I dreamed of taking the next step. Directing and being able to influence the images and scenes that would end up on screen."

After leaving Seattle Post, Stephen spent $5,000 of his own money to direct and shoot his first 35mm spec spot. Since then, Stephen has filmed across the globe from Munich to Uganda, Costa Rica to Vietnam, and many locations in between.

Whether it’s commercials or documentaries, image pieces or features, Stephen’s experience adds up to a well-rounded portfolio. |

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Stephen Vidano
December 2010
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