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Even less exciting is my second Flickr page dedicated to food & lifestyle photography. You know, the kind of stuff that keeps me from living under a freeway eating Alpo 'round a garbage can fire. Here's that link to pictures of the most delicious food ever and the people who made it and sexy super models eating it: or you can just go look in my Flickr friends pool.

(My bio written by Brinda Cole, Multiball Magazine)

With Victoria Renard it is likely to be more an instance of needing to put a face to the name rather than a name to the face. Her work is so often seen within the music industry, most notably on Sir Mix-A-Lot's last two album releases and her sensual portraiture of singer Neko Case. Victoria has had a long history, more notably, with the garage and indie rock circuit, beginning with Sympathy for the Record Industry. Her work for SFTRI includes the last Oblivians album, Royal Pendeltons and a girly calendar featuring hot pics of such notables as B-movie queen D’Lana Tunnell, notable burlesque revival performers, and even a self-portrait of Victoria herself.

Her style is notable for it's blasts of saturated color and candy-coated ironic sexploitation featuring burlesque stars, drag queens, and glam-trash girls & boys-next-door. She has worked extensively as a photographer and cinematographer with J. Michael McCarthy and Guerrilla Monster Films ( for nearly eight years on such films as "The Sore Losers", "Superstarlet A.D." and "Shine on Sweet Starlet". Her latest collaboration with JMM for the lo-fi/sci-fi Guerrilla Monster Films, is co-director and head cinematographer of "Broad Daylight", a sequel to "Shine On Sweet Starlet", which consists of a collection of nudie-cutie stag loops shot in color Super 8. Shooting on this project began for Victoria 3 years ago and was shot almost entirely outdoors in locations from a Minnehaha County, South Dakota rest stop at 4:00 in the morning to the rooftops of Hollywood Boulevard. Broad Daylight is accompanied by a garage rock soundtrack of exclusive songs which seqways into the newly introduced, entirely online Guerrilla Monster Records: purveyors of three chord gargage rock and it's bastard children. She is commonly associated with the lowbrow art movement and has had several gallery showings with popular artists of the genre.

Some of Renard’s still photos are imposingly beautiful, giving the viewer cause to start or flinch before settling into the wash of emotion that such attention to fine detail elicits. Her work has taken the form of celebrity portraiture, band shots, news journalism, and album covers and has been published in magazines and newspapers including Rolling Stone, Spin, CMJ, GQ, Alt Press, Playboy, Penthouse, Chicago-Sun Times, Esquire, Harp, Nylon, No Depression, Venus, The Seattle Weekly, Seattle Magazine, The Portland Mercury, Gearhead, Multiball, Kutie and an assortment of foreign publications from Japan to Portugal and all points in between, as well as eight years of regular contributions to The Stranger newspaper in Seattle.

The list of credits continues with fine art exhibits which include the "Dangerous Dolls" sexploitation tour with the Something Weird Video Film Festival, Minna Gallery of San Francisco's instillation of a multi-artist Sci-Fi/Western show, Seattle's Vera Project presentation of "Ladyfest: Women Who Rock Photography", and even a previous stint with the Center for Southern Folklore where, Renard says, she shot "preachers, bluesmen, folk artists, dirt farmers, and the rest of the good people who live along the banks of the Mississippi River Valley".

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