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Here are some tips that may help you with photography
Tip # 1: Bad Weather = Good photography
If the sky is blue, without any clouds, then wouldn't that be kind of normal? The point in photography is to by different and interesting. But if it is raining you have a better chance of getting a good picture.

Tip # 2: Always juxtaposition an object
If you put an object straight dab in the middle, or the sky and the horizon right in the middle of the picture, that is not interesting. You never want to put any object in the middle of the frame, Put it off to the side. And never put the horizon right in the center of the page, put it either 2/4 of the way up, or if you want more sky in the photo, put it 3/4 of the way down

Tip # 3: The Wispy Waterfall
Have you ever wondered how the photographers capture that cloud like effect at waterfalls? Or that red and white lines that were traffic? If you have an adjustable camera, set it to manual. You have to have a tripod or your photo will turn out unclear and shaky. Set the shutter speed to about 1/5s. Make sure you put the aperture f-stop to the highest number, and the ISO setting low too. If you don't do this it will be all white. If you can't get in dark enough try setting the shutter speed to about 1/15. That is how they get the cool camera effects.

Tip #4: What is the difference between art, and photography.
The difference between art and photography is Artists create composition, while photographers capture it.
Artists create the picture, photographers capture it!

I have a cat that rides with me in my bike. He doesn't even jump out. He stays in the basket and whenever I drive by somebody they say "Oh! Look at the cat!" And I talk to them for a while about him. The only thing bad about him is he just hates water. I know cat's don't usually like water, but this one is very crazy about it. Me and the cat go everywhere on that bike.

Just the other day I was recording a movie for Youtube, and I was fishing, and my line got caught out in the water, So I set down my camera on a rock so I can swim out to get it. I got the line back, went to reach for the camera, and I accidentally knocked it into the water. A few weeks later, I got a new camera, It is a Canon Powershot A720 IS, it has pretty good ratings for a camera. I always hear people say that my work is "good" but I didn't even take any photography classes in my entire life! I may have a natural ability to take good photos. I call it "Photophile"

People always ask, who is your favorite photographer?
I don't really have a favorite photographer,
Ansel Adams is the only one I really know, all photographers are pretty good if they know how to use a Camera. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Here is some of my best work

"Sparks Lake"
Taken at the Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail in the Oregon's Cascades

Wandering Kitten
Taken in Bend, Oregon

I have a website but most of it is still under construction
You can visit it, but you won't see many of it

Visit my website

People always ask what should I buy to be a good photographer. There is no lens, no camera, no anything that could make you a good photographer. You have to earn it, as you get better at it, you are going your way to be a "good photographer"

Have you ever gotten a picture of an alien?
If space is endless, how could we be the only ones alive?

I have other accounts you know

If you have any questions or comments about my work, email me! Don't be shy, feel free. Just email me at this address

Well, places where I've been. Some of the ones listed i do not have photos of.
Yellowstone, Wyoming
Maui (Ka'anapali Beach) , Hawaii
Patricks Point, California
Redwood Forest, California
Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Colorado National Monument, Colorado
Death Valley, California
Crater Lake, Oregon
Morro Bay, California
Point Reyes, California
Green River, Utah
South Lake Tahoe City (California and Nevada)
Mojave Desert, California
Hearst Castle, California
Winchester Mystery House, California

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    Spirit Lake says:

    "His work is so amazing. Everytime I look at it I wonder, how could anyone do that if they haven't taken any photography classes."

    December 30th, 2007

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    Jeff's Photos 2008 says:

    "I may think digital photography is cheating, but when I see his work, I know he is not cheating."

    December 30th, 2007

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    didi's photos says:

    "Everytime I look at his work, I wonder how he does it without any photography classes. His work is amazing!"

    December 30th, 2007

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