From a young age I was always fascinated by photographs, cameras and the process of developing and processing photographs. In grade school I not only took art, graphic design, and photography every year, but I also had a studio and dark room in my bedroom. I always carried a camera with me and photographed my frieds, my environment and everything around me. After high school I attended New World School of the Arts. There I majored in drawing and photography. After my second semester, I was introduced to Photoshop. This opened a great deal of opportunities for me.


It was here that my life took a major turning point. My focus was more on digital art, media, animation, and development. Also, while moving around from school to school and house to house, I never had the opportunity to set up a new darkroom. As digital photography became available, I worked my way through numerous digital cameras, camcorders, and scanners.


This was never completely satisfying. Technology improved and snapshots were all over the internet. I always missed the tangible medium of film, paper, emulsion, developer, and stop bath. For a long time, I thought that it was the purism of these tangible elements that made a true photographer.


But the reality is that it's the combination of art and science that has always drawn me to photography. And with science come advancement and technology. It's the ability to advance and continue to express oneself.


I am using this site to display my point of view and love for art in combination with technology to share my photography.


You can also read my rants about life at my blog or view my online art portfolio at





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  • OccupationGraphic Designer
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