I started recently to understand artistic photography. Don't get me wrong: I don't consider myself an artist. Most likely, I'm an amateur.

I am very demanding in photography. I end up unsatisfied with most of my shots.

However, I tend to like my shots when I successfully express a feeling. Or get anywhere close.

Well, you might disregard these shots I like. But it's okay. I know what they're worth and what I achieved. Sometimes, I post them to groups like Challenge You or Photography Critique and they get bashed. But that's alright.

Lately, I leave bits of myself in some of my pictures. It might not be relevant to you, but it could be to some of my friends and to my family.

These days, I'm going through a transition that would improve my photographic skills significantly.

Lately, I'm leaning towards creative and conceptual photography. I might publish some of my work here. Well, my new lighting gear proves extremely useful.

Significant artists:

- Annie Leibovitz
- Andric
- David Lynch
- Phillip Toledano
- Andy Warhol
- Zdzislaw Beksinski
- Mark Ryden

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September 2006
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