SAHM (mostly)

love building with stones, making, entertaining, cooking, gardening, and spices. tea drinker.

two boys, 2 cats, and a turtle.

married to a fine artist and art handler and handy-man-writer-who-plays-the-guitar-and-sings and never has enough time for any of the above :)


moved from bklyn to the Delaware River in 2012.

I also crave living on a farm. go figure.


* update ... we moved into a 30' travel trailer in December of 2014, and have been living on the road ever since ... at some point in the next few years we'll stop wandering and build a house somewhere on a hillside ... getting a lot closer to that farm :).

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  • HometownChicago
  • Current cityin a camper, somewhere in North America
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