A former nature photographer, I moved to Brooklyn 15 years ago and have since focused on photographing urban landscapes. Although I photograph what is primarily a man-made environment, I enjoy the variety found in the colors, shapes, and the many curiosities that surround me, as well as the contrasts created by nature's insistent way of reclaiming its turf.

My work has been featured in New York/New Jersey Trail Conference publications, Baltimore Magazine, The Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway, many blogs: Brownstoner, Gowanus Lounge, Brooklyn Heights Blog, Manhattan User's Guide, and more. One of my photos was used on a wine label produced by Hudson Chatham Winery.

I like this quote quite a bit:
"Your pictures describe a life that seems both gregarious and contemplative. Good stuff, it reminded me that somewhere in the world, not far from my door, people are making long and brief lists of their lives that if ever that accounting slips from the maker's hand it will inform the fortunate discoverer that they are not alone on this path we're following." - Ken Brown

The photo below was included in The Brooklyn Museum's Click exhibition in 2008:


This picture came in 2nd place in the landscape category in Scenic Hudson's 2008 photo contest:

Germantown sunset by Tom Rupolo

And finally...

"Tom Rupolo's Red Hook depicts a neighborhood's uneasy transition from semi-forgotten industrial wasteland to vibrant residential neighborhood. In focusing on the places and things in the streets of his Brooklyn, Rupolo succeeds in bringing a sense of humanness to the enterprise -- buildings and artifacts lie in lonesome repose, offering blunt and occasionally vulgar metaphors for the human condition while resisting a rote storyline of deliquescence. He covers the waterfront, uncovering lost histories and offering glimpses into new ones being written. I am always struck by Rupolo's knack for making photographs whose surface might speak to industrial-strength aloofness, but whose underlying subtext finds an artist fully engaged in his community, his craft, and his fire hydrants.
- Tom Gogola, writer/editor and former Brooklyn resident

Tom donated this quote for my upcoming book, IMAGES OF RED HOOK, BROOKLYN.

The book came out a month before Sandy flooded much of Red Hook. Many of my books were stored there and most of them were destroyed in the flooding. I am trying to raise funds for a reprint.

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  • Tom and his music machine by Tom Rupolo
  • Blown Woofer at CBGBs Velvet Underground Tribute Show by Tom Rupolo
  • Blown Woofer at CBGBs Velvet Underground Tribute Show by Tom Rupolo
  • Blown Woofer at CBGBs Velvet Underground Tribute Show by Tom Rupolo
  • at dippikill by Tom Rupolo

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