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I like to draw pictures of unicorns, mythical beasts, dead animals, puppeteers, unitaurs, centaurs, and etc. Questions & Answers
Q. Who wins the war-Unicorns or Pandas?
A. Well, the pandas are still here.

Q. What is a unitaur and why were they hunted?
A. The unitaurs were peaceful creatures who enjoyed nature and friendship. They grew horns like unicorns. The warish centaurs didn't like that they were different. They were all destroyed

Q. Why do you draw so many pictures of Hitler?
A. Because he looks like Charlie Chaplin

Q. Why does your art look like a retarded 8 year old did them?
A. In fact, you are correct. I have a retarded 8 year old boy living with me. I give him an oreo cookie everytime he draws me a picture.

Q. How did that guy lose his arms?
A. I'm not sure but look at all the things he can do.

Q. Why do all the animals in your drawings die?
A. Material weakness on my part.

Q. Why is it that I can find a mistake in every picture?
A. I have no depth perceptions; the same reason I can't drive well.

Q. What if I like your drawings?
A. Then you are probably one of the following:

a) A neo Nazi

b) mentally retarded

c) legally blind

Please contact me we have lots in common

This interview was conducted in my own brain to myself with no talking.
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    ziebo says:

    "Michael is my favourite mustached artist!"

    December 10th, 2007

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    Robbie Bruzus says:

    "Some people say it was James Brown, but really it's Michael Hsiung -- the hardest working man in show business."

    July 6th, 2007

August 2005
Dark Forest
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