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    _Morten says:

    "To describe Marcus' work is impossible. Nevertheless, each piece speaks for itself, from the heavily emotional portraits to the scenic landscapes.
    I can't explain how much Marcus' stream continues to impress me. I bet most viewers will be as well!"

    4th September, 2009

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    Luca Cesari Photography says:

    "March 24th, 2009
    Writing an original testimonial for Marcus isn’t simple at all, I’ll try my best.
    Inside his stream, you’re gonna find some of the most amazing shots in the whole Flickr.
    His sharp and talented eye, mixed with his undisputed talent in processing, produces incredible results and every time I come back to this stream, I find inspiration to do better.
    His ability in portraying our reality in HDR is simply amazing.
    You should really spend some big time here. Trust me.

    23rd March, 2009

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    Gustav Persson says:

    "uncommon is an incredible skilled photographer! He is also fantastic at processing the photos, making every single shot look like a master piece.

    Going through his photostream is pure joy and I get a lot of inspiration from it. So thanks for sharing all your photos, uncommon."

    10th January, 2009

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    NikolaT says:

    "I am going to be blind man soon because im looking at my monitor and your pictures every day for 12h...that makes me ,maybe, _uncommon addicted fan !!! :)
    however i dont wonna be blind man coz i wonna see new posts...pls stay forever on flickr coz i wonna share your work with my grandchildren !
    wish u THE BEST"

    23rd July, 2008

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    FreakyLeo says:

    "Marcus HDR pictures are amazing, and his eye for details aswell. But what I like is that he seems to have a natural talent for photography and when he tries something new the results are stunning from the first posted picture. He seems to be a nice fellow to, so take your time and browse through his photostream and post a comment once and a while."

    19th February, 2008

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    Sandmania says:

    "A long overdue testimonial for one of my favourite photographers and friend. He captures beauty with the eye of camera and then treats it with his sense of creativity. Marcus is a great photographer and truly is an inspiration. He continues to amaze me with his fully loaded bag of processing techniques and truly amazing compositions.

    Take a browse through his images and prepare to be inspired. Thank you Marcus for sharing your wonderful work.""

    2nd January, 2008

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    Kaj Bjurman says:

    "Great photographer and excellent at processing images. I will beat him one day, but it might take a couple of years before I even can come close to the results that he produces."

    28th December, 2007

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    Philippe Sainte-Laudy says:

    "I'm really glad, I've discovered uncommon's gallery - so many nice photos and each of them is interesting in its own way.
    I just love those photos.
    Keep it up, Marcus!"

    Greetings from France
    Your friend,

    18th December, 2007

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    Nick Haigh says:

    "Been a fan of Marcus's work for quite a while now...so it's way over
    due to say a few words...
    to some him up....one talented guy
    he has a great eye for photography & his HDR work is just outstanding
    his stream is full of beauty & always a pleasure to view his work
    keep up the fantastic work mate"

    16th November, 2007

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    dobienet says:

    "Marcus has one of the most unique styles on Flickr. His stream is a true delight to view and is inspirational for those of us who don't have the local or techniques, to improve our photography. One of the best!"

    7th November, 2007

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    Christopher Chan says:

    "There is absolutely nothing commonplace with Marcus' photography. His HDR imagery is simply stunning and really sets the bar for this technique."

    11th September, 2007

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    asmundur says:

    "Marcus has mastered HDR photography and developed his own unique style in a very short time. He has good eyes for interesting subjects and beautiful light for photography. His images deliver a strong punch and demand one's attention."

    9th September, 2007

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    DanielKHC says:

    "I have been following Marcus's stream since he kindly added me as a contact. He told me that he started HDR after watching my photostream, and I must say that I am amazed how fast he has mastered this technique to become one of the top HDR photographers on flickr. His photos are simply stunning, very eclectic, unique and inspiring! Please visit his photostream and you won't be disappointed!"

    27th June, 2007

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    DARREN ST0NE says:

    "_uncommon is an HDR master of the highest order. I feel kinda stupid, but I tag almost every shot he produces as a favorite. Can't help myself. In his post processing of these tricky HDRs, _uncommon makes it look easy. It ain't. Keep 'em comin!!!!!"

    14th June, 2007

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    --ex Paris (now London) Steve-- says:

    "_uncommon seems to churn out these fantastic HDR's....

    I really don't know where he gets the time even for his original photo's, let alone the fantastic work he does with them....

    Each time I see one in "my contacts" I simply have to check it out and time and time again my jaw drops."

    16th April, 2007

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    **DARK-O-krizmanic** says:

    "_uncommon is one of the most talented HDR photographers on flickr, things he photographs are ordinary, everyday things, but with his camera and processing skills they get new life as art photo's. Things we walk by each day, in his lens look special, and everyone would love to see his photos on their living room walls... me to..."

    3rd April, 2007

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