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My WordPress (CLONE) will automatically machine translate as per your browser's preferred language ! (Please wait for a while!) But!! If you have to use NOT Microsoft IE ! You may choice Chrome, FireFox, Opera and the Newest Microsoft Edge very nice best !


A new era has arrived! Automatically linked to all flicker photos in the wordpress eye catching area, automatically displaying a 320 pixel flicker image on an iPhone with a width of 320 pixels, and a 600 pixel flicker image on an Android tablet with a width of 600 pixels Is automatically displayed. If someone uploads 4k or 8k still images to Flicker and automatically displays 4k, 8k still images on a 4k, 8k desktop browser !

Our special WP automatically links to the visitor's device and displays a beautiful flicker still image! YouTube and HTML5-MP4 videos are also displayed in the eye-catching image area!

If you want to know how to making special WordPress with YouTube , HTML5+VIDEO , flickr Every sized pictures Second generation WordPress eye-catch stills and videos (CLONE)


To use Flicker's amazing still images: Simply click on a small image(clone) on your blog, display a large image smartly, connect to the copyright holder's flicker, and get direct link permission!

1. Use PopBox!

2. Consider using “Bookmarklet (clone)” to use PopBox!

3. If you are a WordPress user, use a bold eye-catching image(clone) as a flicker image!

4. If you are a WordPress user, boldly use the flicker video(clone) in the eye-catching image area!


Please see the blogs supported by my various different systems for mirroring full content and DISQUS comments and using PopBox!



You can enjoy YouTube "You can enjoy the Skyrim SE mod Rigmor of Bruma with very LOW cost PC !"


Ujiki.oO is a man born August 1955. Ujiki.oO lives in Japan and speaks Japanese.


If your browser is Chrome or Firefox, in my WordPress, the machine language is automatically translated in the language specified in your browser, but if the web server is slow to respond due to a large number of visiting connections to my WordPress, window.onload It will take some time to delay launching Google Machine Translation. Please wait for a while or reconnect to many clones. The hyperlink URL to the mirrored site is posted in the DISQUS comment of each article. thank you! Unfortunately, MS-Windows IE and Microsoft Edge are not supported!


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※ 文字を反転して実行すると新しいタブで自動翻訳し、反転しなければページ全体を自動翻訳します。どの言語からでも、あなたのブラウザーの最優先言語に翻訳します。こんな便利なブックマークレットはこのFACEBOOKいいねしてから、わたしのWordPressへ移動願います。目下公開中です!

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