It is not uncommon for me to walk down the street giggling to myself.

I love loud music, beer, french fries, football, video games, impractical shoes, and my friends.

I've lived in six different countries on five different continents.

Photography is one of the few things in my life I have not gotten sick of.


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    ur grommie says:

    "I fell in love with her the first time I laid eyes on her. She has such a talent for photography, among so many others, and I'm proud to say she is my beautiful granddaughter."

    June 25th, 2008

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    emily ann says:

    "She is my favorite."

    June 19th, 2008

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    smalldogs says:

    "it's been a total gas to see brittney evolve right here on the interwebs (i say that as if i had something to do with her most excellent work).

    i don't remember how i got to know her, or when, but it feels like i've known her forever, like we're distant cousins or something that talk just once in awhile. not often enough that we'd get sick of each other, and not so infrequent that we have nothing to say when we visit one another's streams.

    her strobist work kicks my strobist ass, and keeps me working harder and harder.

    i dig her. she's pretty cool."

    October 17th, 2007

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    tamelyn says:

    ""I am totally proud to say she's my daughter.""

    July 12th, 2007

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    caryn74 says:

    "Brittney consistently makes my day ... I want to be just like her!"

    July 9th, 2007

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    Willow Tree says:

    "Life is ART and Brittney sees it everywhere! I so enjoy looking at the world through her eyes. She has fabulous photos! She is spunky, witty, sexy, clever, charming and an over all awesome person! Thank you so much for sharing your life and views with me. GO Chicka GO!"

    June 23rd, 2007

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    The 10 cent designer says:

    "Officially the sexiest woman on flickr

    May 6th, 2007

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    striatic says:

    "awesome, without a doubt.

    she has an awesome camera, an awesome dog, an awesome husband and an awesome mom. she also has an awesome tiara, which she wears awesomely from time to time.

    now she also has an awesome house, which is really rather unfair.

    she also takes awesome photos that range from the deranged and goofy to the studied and serious.

    in conclusion, OTTERS!"

    April 18th, 2007

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    TheSteffers says:

    "BrittneyBush is one of those rare folks who skips during photowalks and still manages to take all her pic in focus. She's my angel on flickr, because she reminds me to take art lightly."

    December 30th, 2006

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    solecism says:

    "More fun than a carnival ride, Brittney's photos will leave you dizzy and grinning, with a faint craving for cotton candy."

    October 15th, 2006

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    doofusdave says:

    "I knew there was something special about Brittney the very first time I saw her squishy-face icon. Then I clicked on it and saw her photostream and things just haven't been the same since!

    Brit's photos occupy quite a bit of space in my favorites and rightly so! What an awesome eye for the shot! Always creative, always full of surprises and great ones at that!

    Do yourself a favor, go check out "If you only look at 10" and keep going from there. It will be a life changing experience. At the very least, you'll see what photography is all about."

    August 30th, 2006

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    unpolarized says:

    "Brittney has an amazing ability to capture every facet of daily life in a unique, and interesting way. She weaves color into eye-popping, and stunning compositions better than anyone I know. Her capacity for finding new ways to look at the most common objects is a constant source of delight, and she is never afraid to takes chances, or to poke fun at herself."

    August 10th, 2006

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    poopoorama says:

    "Cute. Funny. Smart. Clever. Creative. Whimsical. She's all this and more.

    Aw hell...

    She's hot stuff. :)"

    August 4th, 2006

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    KickAssCanadian_Chick says:

    "I don’t know Brittney but I imagine her photos are a true representation of her wonderful personality. Her humour, her quirkiness, her kindness and her astounding creativity all shine through, as clear and bright as the images she posts. I’d like to spend a day shopping with her! :)"

    July 15th, 2006

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    J. Star says:

    "The photographic creations of the beautiful Brittney Bush are like jumping in a clear blue swimming pool in July; they are like snow on Christmas Eve; they are like cold beer in the hot sun--in short, they refresh the soul. She knows exactly what to put in a composition and exactly what to leave out of it. She knows how to manipulate color for maximum effectiveness. She rocks it so hard I fall out of my chair sometimes.

    Plus, she's really smart, and nice, and full of exuberant life, and also she's totally hot."

    July 8th, 2006

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    regularjoe says:

    "Brittney's continual journey into her creative spirit amazes me and more often than not, makes me smile. When I look at her work, I feel like I see the world through her eyes. In any given shot one may see her utterly goofy and endearing sense of humor, her willingness to embrace her natural beauty or a deeply introspective look into her soul. Each and every shot captures her world to perfection. What more can a viewer ask for?"

    June 17th, 2006

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    ejholmes says:

    "Brit was the biggest pain in the ass sister to grow up with. She never shared her twinkees, and she swore like a truck driver. Now that she's all grown up, none of that has changed.
    Except that she's getting really good at blooming into a photographer. and no, she never asked me to play dress up for all her clothing concoctions. I love her dearly, but she needs to be stopped."

    May 3rd, 2006

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    blipfish says:

    "Britney is a beautiful, trendy, and fashion-conscious woman. Her photos are a daily escapade into her life. There's always something interesting to see - which says a lot about the person and the photographer... one in the same."

    April 9th, 2006

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