Small and independent type foundry, developing typefaces and custom letterings for corporate and editorial design.

As an A will be always an A, in type design it is to give new taste to a soup everybody has liked ever since. But ingredients are narrow and presumably someone else has found out a similar recipe already. Nevertheless the independent ›type me! fonts‹ are endeavoured to provide fresh typefaces: Whether as handy tool or experimental visual impact.

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  • Neuzeitliche Reklame by philipp75
  • Röntgengymnasium (Detail) by Florian Fecher
  • Mützel (Detail) by Florian Fecher
  • Michael Boſer Glasermeister by Florian Fecher
  • Hotel garni by Florian Fecher
  • Hotel / Gaſthof Ruß by Florian Fecher
  • Café Haupeltshofer by Florian Fecher
  •  by sneugle.
  • Last but not least? by Albert-Jan Pool
  • Jakob Runge und Boris Kochan by Peer Koop
  • Jakob Runge by Peer Koop
  • Jakob Runge und Boris Kochan by Peer Koop

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June 2013
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