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"It's Up To Me"



Held down by a heavy sky

I followed rules and I don't know why

Ignored the options that I could not see

Indecision had a hold of me

Followed the path that was forced by fate

I never saw the hour was getting late

I never cared what I turned out to be

I sensed something wrong now it's up to me

I got the chance now I'm gonna take it

I don't know I might not even make it

I'll follow rules that are made up by me

I wasted time too long now it's up to me

It's up to me-to be all I can be (R.W. Emerson)

It's up to me

Looked to the past for some history

Looked for the sum of humanity

A list of laws they passed down through time

A ruthless plot to control my mind

I gotta make a plan for myself

Can't look to you can't look to anybody else

Only this way am I truly free

I wasted time too long now it's up to me

all the rules that I see

have taken old inside of me.

So much to lose so many kinds

One thing comes to mind-time

I gotta make a plan for my life

I gotta take the time to get it right

I gotta be the person I gotta be

I gotta make a plan and now

it's up to me


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