My name is Phillip Jeffrey. I am a UBC MSc grad.


Living with Multiple Myeloma (rare, incurable, blood cancer).


From Feb-Nov 2013 I was on Velcade chemo + dexamethasone treatment.


Complete remission from Nov 2013 - July 2014. Pomalidomide chemo + dexamethasone (Pom/dex) begins Feb 2015.


Oct 2018 - May 2019 on Kyprolis (IV chemo) + dexamethasone


I use photography for health and healing.


You can follow my Cancer adventures on my blog:


My previous photo project is called Cancer 365, in which I will shared 365 creative photographs that represent what it is like to have cancer.


News Media: feel free to use any CC licensed photo, but you must give photo attribution to me - Phillip Jeffrey - Failure to do so, will result in consequences.


You don't need to ask permission, but I'd appreciate a comment or an email letting me know how/where you used the photograph.


If you use a photo for any purpose, I'd love to know about it too so please send me a message or write a comment.




My toys are a Canon EOS 450D (Rebel XSi) I call Sebastien, and a Canon 50mm 1.4 USM.


I am always willing to learn from other photographers. Let's chat.


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I love photography!



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Photos used online

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2. 37 Signs you sent to UBC - Huff Post BC

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Phillip makes me smile and laugh at the same time. I'm going to call his trick a smaugh.

December 13, 2007

Never a dull moment around Phillip, except that one hour. We don't talk about that hour.

November 24, 2005