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Hello Flickr user,

I'm Amaury Henderick, formerly a history student at the University of my hometown Ghent, Belgium and now studying in Antwerp to become a photographer. One of my main interests and hobbies is photography. That's why I have created an account of Flickr.

I don't consider Flickr just to be a dumping ground for my photos, but a way to share my photos with other amateur and professional photographers around the globe. I appreciate their constructive criticisms and suggestions about pictures I've taken. I also like to express my opinion, good or bad, about photos I come across while exploring the groups and explore pages of Flickr.

The way I see it, Flickr is all about learning and exploring. Learning the tricks of photography, learning out of eachothers opinions. It's also about exploring other people's photographs, their impressions, their surroundings, the way they see the world that surrounds us.

Flickr is like an aeroplane that takes you to far-away places in the world of photography and in the world itself.

I invite you to explore my photostream and drop your comments, remarks, opinions or cheers about pictures you like or dislike. If a photo really charms you, feel free to fav' it!


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    ukaaa says:

    "Wauter has an amazing eye for thoughtful compositions! It's great to see our Belgian cities from a different angle ;)"

    May 24th, 2008

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    geoff.greene says:

    "I have been watching Amaury's photostream for over a year and it is one of the most interesting and beautiful streams I have the pleasure to view. He has a sharp eye for the compositions in life that are just waiting for a keen photographer such as himself to spot. With each shot, you see him grow.

    His unique and inspired photographs are only matched by the truly kind and considerate comments he responds to in turn and talking with him is always a gift."

    October 16th, 2007

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    Propagandalf says:

    "It's always a pleasure getting comments from this guy. His comments are always well thought through and positive. His photos are also always a pleasure to look at. He's got some talent, this one!"

    April 27th, 2007

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    InceyWincey says:

    "I just thought that it was about time someone wrote a testimonial about our 'friend' wauter. I like his particular way of viewing the world around him and the way in which he conveys this world through his photography. I also like that he is open to the opinions of others - he will at least be open minded enough to explore suggestions and he receives comments well - even if he decides that he does prefer things his way in the end. It's this openess which I feel will make him stronger as a photographer as time goes on."

    February 1st, 2007

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    wimpers says:

    "I think this guy has "the eye"!
    He notices special things around him, he is focused and exploring.
    His pics are versatile too.
    His photos show that he loves bright colours, architecture and details, especially the effect of combining details.
    In my opinion and for my taste, he is a true talent to follow!"

    February 26th, 2007

Amaury Henderick
November 2006
Ghent & Antwerp, Belgium
I am: