An artist using photography as my medium but versed in intaglio, woodcut, lithography and collagraphs.

Art is art. It feeds on itself. It is emotion. It is opinion. It is revelation. It is revolution. It is political. It is classic. It is self serving. It is life. It is death. It is art.

Sweet dreams of memories long past will come around again to entertain you with details you missed the first time.

"Truth is written by the passage of time. The problem begins with interpretation by each man that thinks he can read what was written." TM Surratt, Jr. 8-6-09

A wise man once said;
Time moves. Pictures stay still.
Joe McNally

Henri Cartier-Bresson once said, “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.”
I'm just beginning to feel the validity of this statement and find it hard to put in practice after spending all my photography career striving to make things tack sharp... I'm working on it as an artistic movement in my pictures but it's just not easy.

"Constant new discoveries in chemistry and optics are widening considerably our field of action. It is up to us to apply them to our technique, to improve ourselves, but there is a whole group of fetishes which have developed on the subject of technique. Technique is important only insofar as you must master it in order to communicate what you see… The camera for us is a tool, not a pretty mechanical toy. In the precise functioning of the mechanical object perhaps there is an unconscious compensation for the anxieties and uncertainties of daily endeavor. In any case, people think far too much about techniques and not enough about seeing."
— Henri Cartier-Bresson

"I found myself asking many questions, among them: what of equivalent value have we inherited in exchange for the original forest?"
--- Robert Adams

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

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    >>>>>E & family/friends>>>> says:

    "Hello everyone

    I enjoy very much touring your gallery friend. It is an awesome place for this Texan to take a look at your wonderful art , awesome sights and amazing portraits. Your natural ability to capture finish and present images in such a beautiful way is very generous of you...I am never disappointed when browsing your gallery and invite you'll to do the same.

    A sense of history grandeur and respect for the past is evident and so well shared with us "history buffs" love for the country life in every aspect is captured well and presented elegantly and beautifully...sometimes your images take me back to my own childhood and therein lies the beauty of your gallery; the ability to move one's soul and be transported to another time...A wonderful time!

    Pleas enjoy THE GALLERY and come back to let him know how much you've enjoyed his images...

    Greetings from Texas my friend!


    September 21st, 2010

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    bandigy-v2.0 says:

    "Tim is THE barn photographer extraordinaire here in Flickr, one of my most supportive and inspirational cyberfriend."

    March 10th, 2011

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    Doug Logan Photography says:

    "To even briefly glance at one of his portraits means that you have viewed the deepest reaches of that subject's being. I can now see why some cultures refuse to have their photographs taken for fear that the photographer will "steal" their soul. Tim has this uncanny gift to be able to capture the true soul of his subjects and present it to his audience. In a very short time of knowing him through Flickr and having the opportunity to have met him for only a few moments, I can also understand the depth of the artist who's eye sees the spirit of his focus.

    What's even more amazing is Tim's ability to see the soul of an abandoned building or a deserted farm-scape. He continues to document "Americana" through his lens and shows us the essence of times gone by, but fortunately not forgotten!

    I always look forward to seeing his new work as well as adaptations on older shots. Tim is truly an accomplished artist, seeing beyond light and shadow. But the great thing about him is his personal humility and outward humanity. Thanks for sharing yourself through your art and for being more than willing to lend positive thoughts or constructive criticisms to a new photographer!"

    January 17th, 2010

June 2008
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