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    -solimano- says:

    "Love her world"

    November 10th, 2012

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    Kayak49 says:

    "I’m not sure if it’s the birch trees or the still waters, the barren sweep of fields or the snow-covered trees and roads, or whether it’s the stunning portraits of people and cats, but tsogy’s photographs say “Finland” to me. Although it’s a country I’ve never visited, through her "eye" I feel that I know its texture, pulse, beauty and soul. Her photos seem studied, composed and artfully taken, but I suspect she sees the final image even before the camera comes to her eye. I eagerly look for an addition to her photo stream each day, knowing that it will please my eye and cause me to linger. I study each one, trying to see as she sees, wondering what went into each one. Her eye is unique and her vision can’t be repeated; I’m so pleased that she shares! Thank you, tsogy."

    April 9th, 2006

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    timx says:

    "Tsogy is an inspirational photographer. Of the 26 photographs which I have marked as favourite as I write, 9 are from Tsogy. Her eye, her sense of composition, are in my opinion unbeaten in Flickr - and I don't even like cats!!"

    January 17th, 2006

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    Iguana Jo says:

    "Our flickr lady of lights and reflection, of quiet landscape and expressive human beings.
    This is what I see in tsogy's pictures: a light personal and unique. A light transforming the most common and everyday stuff in something special and wonderful.
    She is definitely one of the best here on flickr, and one of the few I come visit almost every day. Her photostream is pure magic ...and she speak italian too, could I ask for more?

    Nostra signora della luce e dei riflessi, dei panorami sereni, delle espressioni memorabili.
    Questo è quello che vedo nelle foto di tsogy: soprattutto la luce, una luce unica e personale con cui riesce a trasformare la scena più comune e quotidiana in qualcosa di meraviglioso e speciale.
    Tsogy è sicuramente una dei migliori fotografi qui su flickr e uno dei pochi che vengo a visitare quasi ogni giorno. Le sue immagini sono pura magia ...e in più lei parla anche italiano, si può chiedere di più?"

    October 13th, 2005

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    venticello says:

    "I feel a great connection to tsogy even though we have never met. She has a great imagination and a fantastic eye for things. Each time I enter Flickr, she is one of the persons I wish would have a new photo in their stream!

    She is honest and kind and through her pictures she shows me - a fellow citizen - a magical side of our country living up there, while I mainly witness city-life in southern Finland and sometimes in Italy.

    Thank you, tsogy!"

    October 9th, 2005

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    nailbender says:

    Your collection of work is the confirmation that photographs can truly speak a thousand words.
    I find your images to be thoroughly alive and brimming with emotion and expression.
    You possess wonderful talent Tsogy and I am so thankful that you share it with all of us here at Flickr."

    July 27th, 2005

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    nils ♫ says:

    "tsogy .. so nice name. when I visited tsogy's photos for the first time I stayed here for some hours, completely enchanted by her images. I fully agree with tatranec, she is the best photographer on flickr, and maybe even also the best PSser!
    pusão! tsogy :o)"

    July 25th, 2005

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    Tatranec says:

    "I know next to nothing about Tsogy. But I think she is the best photographer at flickr. Howgh."

    July 23rd, 2005

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    dannybiox says:

    "How does one describe Tsogy? Hum!
    Adjectives that befit her photos and ...her I imagine. Here goes:
    Meraviglia, remarkable, beautiful, natural, tasteful, coherant, constant, innocent, cute, endearing, intemporelle, magnifique, calm, colorful, alive, dead (mouse), evocative, exceptional composition, facinating, inspiring, passionate, lovely and... subconsciously makes me want to go to Finland and live there forever. That, perhaps, would be the only logical choice."

    July 13th, 2005

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    elston says:

    "Tsogy has a remarkable eye, and I look forward to her posts. She also has a knack for elevating the feline foto; if you think you don't like pictures of cats, wait till you see hers."

    December 23rd, 2004

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