I love helping people get comfortable with new stuff, especially technology. I do sales, support and training as my job, but really, I picture myself as more a coach or interpreter of things digital to those not-so-digitally-inclined. Turns out, there are quite a few of those, which is good for job security.


I started taking pictures in my mid-40's, when I bought a Kodak 3400 in spring of 2001. Ever seen one of those cliff divers? That's pretty much my experience with digital photography. Joining Flickr in Fall 2004 was hitting the surface. It's been a great place to find folks with scuba gear who have kept my interest in this world deep and involving. I may be developing gills.

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  • JoinedOctober 2004
  • OccupationMac and iPad Integration Specialist
  • HometownLexington, NC
  • Current cityDurham, NC
  • CountryUSA
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Dashing Start (deleted)

Smythe's photo stream has been a part of my Flickr experience since the beginning. Not only have I enjoyed his prolific posting, but each time I view his stream I learn something interesting - guaranteed. Thanks for sharing Smythe!

October 22, 2007