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I am a wife, and the mother of 5. Ages, 29F, 22M, 22F

I am retired due to COPD and am on oxygen 24/7. I love taking photos. (My first camera was, (of course) a Brownie.)

I like to document life. I am a certified genealogist, Nascar enthusiast, and see the art in everyday life.

Some of the things I envision turn out, others don't. That makes me the same as anyone else.

I love to write. I am compelled to organize. I tend to "collect things", or pack-rat.

I watch soap operas.

When my children were younger I was a Scout leader. I ended up with 5 Girl Scout Troops ALL AT THE SAME TIME!, (Daisies, Brownies, Juniors, Cadets, Seniors)

There is quite a story there, my youngest was a Brownie Girl Scout, my oldest a Senior Girl Scout. As I said, I tend to collect. My son, (number 1) was a Cub Scout and I worked with that troop as well.

My Camera History:

My mom gave me an old Brownie to use.

I saved up $25.00 babysitting money, (at 50 cents an hour) and bought a 110mm camera in sixth grade and took many pictures of people without heads.

I bought a few Polaroid One-Touch cameras starting about 1976, and have many photos. I just love to take photos.

I was never wealthy, so I thought at the time that the Polaroid, sans processing fees was a better deal. I am trying to locate many of them now to scan, as they fade.

(When I moved to Nevada in 1998 I was unable to take all of my things, I hope the lock boxes were not left in storage, as my friend who kept them for me died and his family did not know of me)

I have a BIG shed full of books and boxes, and linens yet to be gone through. I am in the process of building a house, and haven't room for many things, like photo album (they ARE packed and ARE here) storage yet.

My first "real" camera was a Pentax K1000 SLR which I still have. I have the entire kit, 3 different lenses and all the original paperwork, (along with the original case)

I got this camera after my first child was born in 1980. I used it alot. I am self taught, helps and advice, nicely offered are welcome.

I followed Haley's comet in 1985, and did a bit of astral photography by using a "T" adapter to hook the Pentax up to a Celestron C80 telescope. (To do this use 1600 ASA and process for red sensitivity.) That was a lifetime ago. I wish I had it now, moon shots are hard by hand!

I wanted to go digital, but I was intimidated by it. I really didn't know much about pixels, ect. I am used to a view-finder. Watching people use a LCD screen to take a photo was not for me. (It took me ages to use a mouse!) I do not do change easily.

On our wedding anniversary, my wonderful hubby, Billy bought me my Kodak Z740, that I am using now. I can use a standard viewfinder on this camera.

(It has the choice of both, but I can't change to looking at a screen yet...I have trouble with change.)

I just love the "instantaneousness" of digital photography. No waiting for prints to see what you have.

I enjoy being able to show my work here on flickr, and see the works of others here. I am humbled by the photos I see here.

I love to take pictures so much, I can find myself taking a photo of the strangest things, like my feet.

I crave to travel. They will not allow oxygen bottles on an airplane, so I am resigned to travel via auto. : (

I use my email and only have the one account. I get kind of shy doing an IM, but do have Yahoo and MSN. You can email me.

If you have followed my profile this far, thank you.

P.J. Trpster

Also, if you have read my profile this far, I will share this information with you.

After reading, and looking at my photos, remembered...............I most certainly am not insane, I just survived situations that many persons may have not.

I will answer honest questions on the topic at my leisure.

Love, Trpster* (The link will explain the name,)

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