I get bored. A lot. And when I get bored, I move. Most recently I've moved to Scotland, with the intention of avoiding getting bored for at least a year.


Most recently, I moved away from Scotland to Australia, where I will be until January 2008, and then I'll be someplace else.


Before that, I was in China. My photos of China are limited because I didn't have a digital camera, and scanning that many pictures may drive me to drink. But I'll put them up as I have time.

  • JoinedApril 2005
  • OccupationAdministrative Assistant
  • HometownEdmonton, Alberta
  • Current cityPerth, WA
  • CountryAustralia


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This person is completely insane. But she bakes great bread. And feeds my addictions for distant locales. I am a junky. Soon Troubled will pimp me out so that I can afford my next hit of Scotland.

August 8, 2005