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I am a amateur photographer, that has a particular interest in Glamour/fashion style shots. (shooting people! It is just so much more interesting to me, and I love people)

I have the luxury of traveling the world, and have plenty more to see.

Nothing complicated, nothing stressful, and it should all figure itself out...

Yes this "stream" has some skin showing... if a little bit of skin makes you uncomfortable. Probably best you leave your safe search turned ON! (think MAXIM/FHM levels as a contact.)

Enjoy the beauty.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or would like to see more of my work, or even be part of it.

All photos are mine! and are not for you to copy, or share (including BLOGS) without my permission, I dont bite so feel free to ask, thanks for understanding.

-- dont bother making any photos favorites if you're too lazy to fill out your profile or upload any pics... I am here for advice, inspiration, and fun... ---


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HOLLY CRAP!! Look at all my groups!!! How do I cull them! There are so many good ones!!

So yeh I am a "Group whores" :)

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    makoimaging says:

    "I've been "Flickr mates" with Em and Jamie for ages now, and over our long aquaintance I have seen Jamie change from a "snapper" to a PHOTOGRAPHER. His photos are now of a very high standard - and he gets better every day. He's good enough to turn professional in my opinion.

    Emma hasn't changed since day one. She's still the most absolutely GORGEOUS girl that I've seen yet. She models sometimes (usually for that lucky, LUCKY bugger she's married to), and I live in hope that someday I'll be lucky enough to photograph her. Over the many years that I've been messing about with cameras, I've been lucky enough to photograph many beautiful women, but I speak truthfully when I say that my dream is to photograph Emma.I intend to make that dream come true - soon.

    So if you take a very talented photographer (Jamie) and a stunningly beautiful lady (Emma) and put them together on one photostream, you'll end up here, on their page. If you're looking for beauty, fabulous photography, and genuinely nice people, then your quest has ended. Because you'll find all that right here.

    And by the way, these two are absolutely LOVELY people too. Not fake, not arrogant, not unhelpful, not uncaring, but Em and Jamie are simply terrific human beings. I'm VERY proud to be their friend.


    January 29th, 2011

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    fishmanjjfishman says:

    "These two take nothing but excellent,classy and creative pictures. The wife is so beautiful and always shows the glamour necessary in making the shot turn out nice.......thanks for sharing these photos with me. JJ"

    December 30th, 2009

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    CeD™ says:

    "As a contact of Jem...I have enjoyed some really beautiful photos including a very lovely woman. Every shot of her is like finding a gold nugget. She is a definitely worth my time looking. A wonderful couple and a wonderful photostream. Thanks for sharing."

    March 2nd, 2009

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