I allow anyone to use my photos for personal use, or, for a non-profit, so long as it is not a right-wing political cause. Educational purposes are welcomed and appreciated!

Generally, I will sell my photos -and have dome so in the past - for "profit" making enterprises. I have made exceptions but you have to contact me about it.

I like to share my experiences and my "vision" with others. The world is a very interesting place, isn't it?

I have been "in and out" here for personal reasons. I appreciate my flickr friends very much, especially those that comment and fave, as you see fit.

I am backlogged in posting and catching up with flickr friends. I tend to get very reclusive at times. My photos are not in any order or sequence, as a rule, I like diversity.

Let's have a great 2012 and let's always care about each other. Help others.

FYI, I do support liberal/progressive causes and President Obama. I am a political activist, when I get the energy together!

Carpe Diem.

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-----\\\///-----who is living with, survived
------///\-----or has passed away from
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    ~Sir Duke~ says:

    "Tony is a favorite of mine since I first saw his photos! Always witty, he sees urban NJ in a unique and positive way. He always has a refreshing perspective on things I see everyday and I often say to myself "why didn't I shoot that"?
    Lately he's taken his photography to another level and I'm enjoying even more! Keep up the awesome work brother..."

    February 9th, 2009

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    billnbenj says:

    "Tony's anything but a misfit.

    Thanks to him,my knowledge of American history and great American people has increased massively. Not only does Tony post some wonderful pictures of famous locations,including statues and graves of Famous Americans from the past,but he also adds a wealth of interesting historical information.

    His photostream includes sets on a wide range of subjects,always excellently presented and interesting.

    If you've never visited Tony's pictures,I wholeheartedly recommend that you do so as soon as possible,so that like me,you'll be greatly impressed by what you see and what you learn.

    Bill Wakefield aka Billnbenj"

    September 14th, 2008

Tony Fischer
January 2008
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