A picture may be worth a thousand words; but its meaning is almost always greatly enhanced when words are included with it. And that is where Flickr excels, and which is why it adds to our knowledge and understanding (social media aspects notwithstanding).


A camera, like a computer, is merely a tool to aid in describing reality, experiences, emotions, and to convey knowledge. A picture by itself, for me, is normally not enough and requires more.


It is because of the EOL project and The Nature Conservancy that I started to participate on Flickr (my primary interest with respect to Flickr is in connection with botany, ecology and related conservation including native/natural landscapes, and environmental issues; secondarily with local history and its photo documentation). I am only at best marginally interested in the so-called "social networking" aspects of Flickr (and similar sites: going "social" is not sitting by yourself in front of a computer screen, and you will not find me on Facebook) other than to the extent it can promote knowledge and a greater awareness of the natural world and our need to take care of it.


I have been the volunteer project coordinator for the Utah Rare Plants Guide since about 2000, and have been involved at various levels with the Utah Native Plant Society starting in 1981. For me, native plants represent the most important single connection to the landscape and the natural world, since without them we would not exist.

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