Over the last five years, I studied Art Education at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh. Last year recently returned from Manchester, England, where I did my student teaching with Years 7-11 (equivalent to grades 6-10 in the States) at Patrick's RC High School and Arts College.

Things have been crazy over on this side of the pond ever since getting back, as I had virtually no money (which is ok, I am used to it I guess. It happens to me every time I return from Europe, especially England... wonder why.) Otherwise I had been keeping busy working odd jobs substitute teaching at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy and other temporary work (i.e. making pizzas at Steve's Pizza), until I found a permanent teaching position, and otherwise surviving on the little I had.

That is, until I landed my teaching position with the Clark County School District. I moved to Las Vegas (read: drove across country) at the beginning of August, to start my new job, teaching Photography at Del Sol High School.

(June 2009) Since writing my original blurb about myself I have moved to a different position in the school district here, working for AIS, an individualized study school. I technically was surplussed from my former position (due to budget concerns, the economy, la la la). But I have met people, networked shall we say, and landed this new job, which I am excited for, as I will be developing elective courses for them in the visual arts. Anyway, more to come...

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Tony Flanagan
April 2009
Manawa, WI
Las Vegas, NV, United States
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