I'm Tommaso Nervegna, Milan based "Senior Digital Solutions Architect", a long title that basically means "I'll do anything you ask me to, as long as it's digital."

I like to define myself as a inter-disciplinary digital entrepeneur always on the search of new strategies to be applied in all fields of communication.

My daily task is to educate my team and clients on emerging short-term and long-term technological and cultural trends that influence digital marketing and advertising strategies.

The goal I have set is to create a solid bridge between design and user experience through innovation, always keeping in mind the synergy between great design and commercial effectiveness.

To pursue my goals I graduated in Digital Communication. This allowed me to identify the key I needed to open the door to a world that, until few years ago existed only in my mind. Now I simply let the academic knowledge, scientific and humanistic studies fuse with the world of creativity to produce an innovative and communicative impact amplified in my projects.

User experience is the tool by which I can connect with people through emotional and intuitive communication. Design is a concrete dream that every day allows me to color my projects and ideas by offering them the opportunity to have a voice, to exist.

In the 7 years of commercial experience I developed a unique lean workflow, spending time analyzing client’s brand values and their audience. Growing up as a geek and technology enthusiast, I always try to experiment with new forms of digital communications, enhancing my clients projects with specialized enthralling and aimed solutions.

I'm now working as Executive Chief Technology Officer at Jellyfish ADV, an milan based creative agency.

My latest assignments have required me to redesign and develop many web oriented projects for fashion brands, such as: Guess, Silvian Heach, Stefano Ricci, Braccialini, Gherardini, Colmar, Energie, and many more.

Currently I'm developing an innovative Gps tracker for pets: Kippy. www.kippypet.eu

Kippy Pet is a GPS locator for dogs, cats and other pets.

Thanks to the use of GPS, LBS and Dead Reckoning technologies, it is able to locate the position of your pets and to transmit this information to the dedicated app you can consult on your iPhone, smartphone or PC.

Kippy is a small device suitable for all kinds of dogs and cats, easy to clip and unclip from your pet’s collar so you’ll always know where your four-legged friend is.

Before my latest endeavor with Kippy and Jellyfish I lived for almost a year in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. There I co-founded AlmaCreativa.

The agency was initially created to support disaster relief in Haiti trough digital communication and innovative new media strategies. The inspiring experience put to the test all my professional specializations making them fight against all the adversities that emerged during that period.
My motto is "Be your biggest fan and your worst client".

My current setup consists of a 13-inch Macbook Air (mid 2011) and an iMac (2012) used for development and design purposes. Before having the mobility of my beloved Macbook Air I used an early-2008 15-inch Macbook Pro that I still own and use for photography related works.

Since I'm an Apple enthusiast I never leave at home my iPad 2 and my iPhone 5 that I both use constantly for leisure and work purposes.

As to my photography tools I use a Nikon D300s, a Canon s90 and a mastodontic Mamiya rz67.
I'm a big fan of fixed lens and I never leave without my Nikon 35mm - F/1.8 and 50mm - F/1.4.

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Tommaso Nervegna
May 2013
Milan, Italy
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Chief Technology Officer
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