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About me, hm?


Well I'm pretty much that average person that says 'hello' when you meet him and 'good bye' when one of us leaves. That average person that likes to shoot photos, video, edit video and listen to music. Oh and I blog! In Dutch, but it's still called blogging.


So yeah, you can call me average.


But do I not stand out in anything?


Yes, and it's probably also the most annoying thing about me. When I listen to good music on my 1st gen iPod I tap my feet and fingers to the beat. I sometimes miss parts of the beat and try to keep up with, say, The Strokes, The Automatic, Fall Out Boy, Incubus, The Magic Numbers, Muse and much more. As a matter of fact, I am at this very moment trying to tap my feet on Razorlight - In The Morning.


You can say I like alternative rock. You can also say I like to visit Digg, social networking websites (Flickr, Virb, Hyves), and I am subscribed to numerous weblogs and Apple news sites in Google Reader.

I burn my CDs and DVDs in Disco, chat in Adium and iChat (and sometimes, when I am at school, I like to use meebo), browse the web in Safari. I have a Mac.

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February 11, 2008
Floor says:

Ik citeer: "one111one1one11 will have the chance to review this testimonial before it is published, so don't bother with something rude or nasty." maar ach er valt toch niks grofs en gemeens over je te zeggen! Coole foto's joh

January 25, 2007
superjorn says:


October 30, 2006