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Astute Entrepreneur and Head Honcho @, expert in internet marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, sales funnels conceptualisation & design, affiliate marketing, article marketing, digital marketing, niche marketing, viral marketing, joint venture specialist, traffic generation and e-Commerce.

A serial business-builder, business consultant, marketing strategist, media spokesperson, speaker, trainer, coach, affiliate manager, project manager, products conceptualisation and development strategist, launch specialist, analytics freak, seo expert, web developer, php/mysql programmer, and so forth.

Toluaddy started his first online venture in 2002, but established his web design company in 2003. He also formed his first joint-venture, teaming up with a medium-size publishing firm that produced hand-bills, postals, books, magazines, stickers, and the likes for small to mid-sized corporate entities and solopreneurs.

As the Founder and CEO of, Toluaddy controls various profitable ventures in the SEO & SEM world, digital & content marketing, social media consulting and e-commerce.

A thorough researcher, writer and best-selling product creator, Tolulope is the developer and co-developer of more than 20 information products, audio and video tutorials to help entrepreneurs and soloists gain traction in their marketplace.

His articles and products appear in dozens of online publications, weblogs and newsletters throughout the US and globally.

Tolulope Adeyemi has collaborated, organised and launched business projects and products with over 70+ mainstream marketers, public speakers, business trainers and marketing consultants. An experienced and dandy internet marketer, Tolulope is in demand internationally for product launch joint ventures and a host of other marketing endeavours.

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Tolulope Adeyemi
September 2011
Imesi Ile
I am:
Male and Single
Digital and Content Marketer
Astute Entrepreneur, Serial Business Builder and Marketing Aficionado