It has been said that Tobias Feltus “breathed the air of the Italian renaissance throughout his childhood”, born accidentally under the same roof as partner in business and art, dear brother Josef, in “an affectionate nest animated by the haphazard air of art”. Perhaps this explains why his art has been described as “post-neo-classical-divisionism”. Indeed. Together the brothers overcome their differences and inability to communicate (unless it be telepathically or through ethernet cable), to unleash to the universe the creative force that is FeltusFeltus. The self-professed designer, photographer, producer, taxidermist, lover of heilan coos, collector of bizarre antique medical implements describes himself as a “creative whirlwind of nonsense topped with strawberries and whipped cream” and often wonders whether the meaning of life is “to procreate (or pretend to do such, thanks to modern contraceptives)”… ladies beware. To be snapped by the artist formerly known to resemble Prince, is indeed a rare and exquisite experience, known only to the rich, famous and z-list. If the photographer requests to take you for a shoot, apparel-deficient, into a dark forest in the middle of nowhere, it really is going to be OK. Did I mention orange? Did I mention boobies? Furry muff. Just don’t call him Toby…

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I recently added a blog to my site where I have started to post some information about how I work and with what tools, as well as some tips on technical issue, opinions on other people's work, and some thoughts on the generality of photography, such as the ongoing topic of how to call a contemporary colour print. Come on and check it out...


(September 2012) My first residency. Soup Lab in Norwich. What a curious series of events it has been indeed. But the thing I am most intrigued by is the idea of showing work to the public which I have not mulled over for months. I think the allocated time of the residency has also highlighted some aspects of my work to which I was unawares.


2009 has taken on a life of its own. Many shows across Europe, it has been good. Milan, London, Glasgow, Florence... And I was in a group exhibition curated by Edward Lucie-Smith in Berlin. Highlights were are London debut solo at the Whitecross Gallery, a joing solo with Biagiotti in Florence. Currently work is hanging at The Arches in Glasgow, which is our 5th solo exhibition of 2009 (hanging until 03.01.2010), and also in the Kramer House in Baltimore. I am actually quite bad at this, and do not keep my sites updated in equal manners. My Flickr account is the first place that I add new images to, because it is also the easiest. MySpace and Facebook, on the other hand, get the most regular updates on where I am, and what I am working on... And now my website, with the new Blog, will be the first place that I shall write formal thoughts.


I still am a strong believer in using film over digital, which in my mind play the roles of the real and the unreal. I like the fact that a photograph is inherently representational, and represents a reality, even if abstract... And thus i like making abstractions in-camera, using film. Digital manipulation is like painting: it has no limitaions. I most often use my Leica M3, with an array of old lenses, a couple of Mamiya 645s, a Hasselblad 500c, and a few other odds and ends, including stereo cameras. My lighting is most often one old Bowens Monolite 800e, or some old 500w tungsten fresnels. I recently got a couple of Elincrhom D-Lites with softboxes, but nothing to show with them yet. When I am on location I usually carry a Metz 45 on a stand with some Calumet radio triggers (pocket wizard compatible ones). For proofing, my digital camera is a Fuji S3 Pro or a Panasonic GH1 (also what I film with). In 2008 I also added an Imacon Flextight Precision II to my arsenal, and later a Hasselblad 500c, which extends my reliable camera kit, and gives me more independence with regards to my colour printing. My most recent acquisition is a Horizon 202.

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