Small budget. Small home. Small footprint. If you’re like us, these are some of your concerns. Whether by choice or by chance, you find yourself living in less space and on less money.
Do you need tips on paring down your life?

tinymine is a site about small living. If you live small, we'd love to hear from you!'s favorite photos from other Flickr members (10)

  • hula hero by devlon duthie
  • Interactive LED Dining table by oskay
  • loungemiddle by tastefortiki
  • Scrap top by mikecpeck
  • My Brooklyn Studio, 2004-2007 by ClatieK
  • small bathroom by Designs by Elif
  • apartment 1 by antmoose
  • extra small kitchen - 20 square feet by makingthishome
  • Elegant Economy of Space by deva luna
  • Small. Happy. Home. by .Delight

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