My name is Tim Van Horn, I am photographer and creator of the Canadian Mosaics. I've always dreamt and envisioned myself being a life-photographer, embedded in the field, discovering the meaning of life through the people I encounter. I am armed with a camera in one hand and a grand vision in the other. My vision has always been to create and capture beautiful moments that pay homage to the wonderment of life itself. To capture, the decisive moment, and to be actively involved in the creation of our visual history. I am a visual anthropologist of sorts in the digital age. A creative foot soldier, doing his tour of duty for humanity.

The idea of studying Canada’s layered cultural identities and examining our humanity is a life mission I have assignment myself. We need one person out here telling the true-life story of, who we are. I am open to everything and everyone around, in turn I am gifted with everyone seemingly trusting in me and agreeing to being photographed for the mosaic. For the past 42 months I have slept, worked and lived out of a van to keep this portrait of Canada moving forward for Canada’s 150th in 2017. To date over 13,400 portraits have been created in 100's of locations across Canada. From Nunavut to Tofino! That 13,400 people who believe in the power of the collective. The goal is to create a mosaic of Canada with 36,000 portraits of Canadians from 1000's of locations across the land, representing .1% of Canada for 2017. It will be the largest portrait of Canada ever under taken and will encompass every possible aspect of life. If you like what you see, please support this mission to bring us together by purchasing a poster.

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Tim Van Horn
September 2006
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