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Since I can remember I've been infatuated with Art and the creative process of making something form nothing. I started by drawing my G.I. Joe men and transformers when I was three years old. I would pose them in front of me and draw them out. That was the beginning of my addiction that would become my life's passion, lifestyle, and career.


I started out as a poor kid in California living on a skateboard who loved to doodle. I was a factory sponsored skater for a short time and was fortunate enough to travel doing demos and things until I ended up blowing out my knee. That in it self ended my hopes of being a professional skateboarder. At this point I started listening to all my friends and loved ones and put all my energy into my art. At this point in my life I was already tattooing just for fun not taking it seriously. I actually did my first tattoo on my mother when I was 14 with a homemade Walkman motor, jail house style tattoo machine. I was already getting professionally tattooed in an established tattoo shop at the age of 15 due to the fact I've been over 6 foot since I was 12 and nobody carded me or anything back then. They just tattooed me...


So I set out to find somebody to apprentice me in the art of tattooing. This was March of 1997 and back then nobody really wanted to teach you or bringing you into the tattoo shop. After months and months of continuous persistence I finally got in to a tattoo shop. So I quit a high-paying job as an electrostatic painter with full benefits to pursue my passion. He started showing me some things for about a week and then he just let me go. As it turns out he really just wanted somebody else in the shop so he could go do other things. Thank God I had a real passion to learn and the fortitude not to overstep my limits in these humbling of times. A few months later I started looking for a new job in hopes of getting around more skilled people to learn more skills. So I started traveling and taking jobs where I could to get around people with more skills to learn and I did this for the next 5-6 years all over the US, Hawaii ,Mexico, Canada, and all over Europe.


From the beginning I have always prided myself on continuously learning and upping my skills. Always learning more styles and taking in all the industries history that I can over the years. I started out as a surrealism artist that love doing surrealism and new school and then learned traditional and neotraditional and slowly work my way into doing black and gray portraits and photo realism and color realism which is now one of my favorite things to do simply because of the challenge of creating something that detailed and that permanent excites me in a way that I can explain. I truly love taking on big ongoing projects with lots of meaning that are usually theme based. Whether it's realism, surrealism, Color or black and gray, newschool, watercolor, traditional, or neo-traditional I am more than proficient in all of these styles...


I was one of 18 people picked out of eighty something thousand applicants to be on Ink Masters season 5 Rivals. I was also on Ink Master redemption episode 1 season 1 and the first contestant to get Redemption. Then back again on Ink Master Redemption season 4 episode 2. I was humbled by the experience and I am truly grateful for all the love and support throughout the experience. Thank you one and all.


I am currently working by Appointment Only in a private studio in the heart of Las Vegas. All to provide more of a personal service throughout your tattooing experience. All consultations are free and conducted through email and phone calls. I do have a 2 hour minimum and offer hourly or flat rate prices and specials on all day sessions for larger tattoos and ongoing projects. Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to working with you and making your inter you a part of your outer self individualization.

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